The Guide To DIY Lamp Made Of Hemp Rope

Create an effective DIY lamp yourself

The decoration with hemp rope may not be so up-to-date today, but you can make great things with it yourself. If you are a DIY fan and always wanted to create a chic DIY lamp, we have just the right thing for you today. You will fall in love with this light and beautiful idea…

Certainly you have in many designer furniture shops, Great lighting and chandeliers With braided balls. But their prices are usually relatively high. The good news is that you can make an equally beautiful, even more chic one in your own home, for less money. You only need the following:

A lamp that also provides a great light effect

Diy lamps from Hanse rope

The materials:

  • rubber ball
  • Glue – best such that does not feed too quickly for you to model the lamp
  • Hemp rope – the length depends on the ball size; Monochrome or colorful, depending on taste
  • Latex gloves
  • A garbage bag or old towel
  • permanent markers
  • A luminaire

The instructions in 10 steps:

The necessary materials for the diy lamp

To do a lantern

  1. Draw a circle on the rubber ball with the permanent marker. Best around the air vent. The circle width should be so large that you can put the light body at the end. Important: Do not wrap the cord around this part.
  2. Cover the work surface with the garbage bag so that you do not smear it.
  3. It is best to carry the glue on the rope and wrap it around the ball. Or apply the glue to the thumb and index finger (or to all the fingertips), so you will apply the glue directly to the rope when wrapping.
  4. After applying the adhesive, start wrapping the rope around the rubber bale. Cross the rope again and again and form a net with different density and width. Remember that the thicker the hemp rope is wrapped, the stronger and stronger the lamp.
  5. Do not forget to leave the opening free. It is very important to give the area around the opening a great strength.
  6. After you have covered the ball with the rope and glued it, let your work dry. This could take more than 24 hours.
  7. After everything has dried out, let the air out of the ball.
  8. Bring the hemp rope ball to the light body.
  9. Caution: If you are not sure how to mount the electrical element, consult a specialist.
  10. Attach your beautiful, brand new DIY lamp to the ceiling.

The last steps to your DIY lamp

A hanfseil diy tinker

This can also be a great bedside lamp

Make dessert lanops from Hanse rope yourself

In this way, you can also craft a floor lamp yourself. But in this case, you should leave two openings: one above and one below to attach the light bulb and the light bulb.

Besides the round shape, you can make a luminaire with a rectangular lampshade. For this, however, you will need a box or other rectangular object. However, you should remember that you must remove this element.

With this idea you can Many different lamps themselves , You only need hemp rope, glue, an element around which you can wrap the rope and, of course, time and will.

Try it out and look forward to the end result.

You can also decorate the DIY lamp as desired

The diy lamp additionally with buttons decorate

Is this your favorite color?

Diy lamp in purple hanfseil

Another beautiful lighting idea with hemp rope

Diy lamps of glass and rope

Make sure you have placed the lamp well on the ceiling

Make a nice lamp yourself

You can paint the ball in any color

Bounce the ball with farbsprya

Three different hemp rope lamps provide a great room accent

Three hanging lights from Hanse rope

Even with ordinary knitting yarn you can create small balls as decoration

Small decorative balls made of hemp rope

Peel up the old lampshade

Replace old lampshades
Ideas for ceiling lighting for self-making