The Advantages Of Solar Lamps For Garden And Balcony

Garden and balcony lighting with solar lamps

Would you give your balcony and garden more light, comfort and charm? This is best achieved by the use of solar lamps. Today we would like to talk about the advantages of solar lamps and how you can use them.

The Solar lighting for balcony and garden Has become very popular lately. This popularity is due to its many advantages. We are trying to summarize the most important of it in brief.

Solar lamps as a free light decoration

For the garden path

Solar lamps have many advantages:

  • The Solar lights are not only environmentally friendly and gentle , But these also save you a lot of money. On sunny days, the batteries of the solar lamps collect enough energy to light up during the whole night (about 8 to 10 hours). Especially on the balcony and in the garden is the use of these lamps very worthwhile.

  • The solar lamps store the solar energy and convert it into electrical current. So, electricity directly from nature. This on its part saves you the annoying cable laying and additional costs.
  • They can be safely used outdoors because weather conditions do not affect them. These bulbs are easy to install everywhere and in a variety of ways through a ground spike.
  • Another advantage of the solar lights is their versatility. They are available in various designs and can provide different effects. They are available in colorful accents, with sparkling glow or a dimmer that provides gentle light. The lights turn on themselves with the dawn of the darkness and illuminate garden paths and balconies. Their decorative effect can create a romantic ambience.
  • The models, combined with a motion detector, illuminate the place only when a movement is perceived. The light turns off after a certain time. So, the energy is only consumed when you really need it.

A luminous table decoration for garden and balcony

Solar lantern as garden and table decoration

Provide dramatic effects in the garden

Solar garden lighting as decoration and light source

Usage tips and care

Because of the low sun and the cold in the winter you should store the solar lights. Unfortunately these are not suitable for the winter. You should also operate a battery charger. The batteries should be removed and fully charged with a charger.

This should be repeated every three to four weeks during the winter months. Clean the solar module regularly, since the pollution weakens the charging capacity of the solar cell. Be careful not to scratch the surface.

The decorative effect of solar lamps in gardens and on balconies is much greater than the effective use. Nevertheless, you can enjoy this magical ambience, without any energy consumption.

Some great model sets you can rely on purchase.

The solar garden lights are available in different colors

Colored solar garden lights as garden decoration

A romantic solar decoration for hanging

Hanging luminaires with solar cells for outdoor use

Decorative stones, dwarfs and other figures find their place in every garden

Decorative stone with solar cell for the garden

Especially on the balcony and in the garden is the use of these lamps highly recommended

Garden with solar lights

Look for the most beautiful model for you

Small solar lamp with led light

The solar lamps can safely be used outdoors

Various models solar lamps for the garden

The solar lighting for balcony and garden has become very popular lately

Hanging solar lights for garden and balcony

Point the light beam where you want to set an accent

Solar garden light with beam

Romantic dinner in the solar light

Solarlampen as table decoration for the garden table
Solar lamps for the pond

The solar garden lights can provide different effects

In the form of diamonds

The solar lamps store the solar energy and convert it into electrical current

Solarlampen with motion detector for the trepe
Solar lights for garden path