The Fashionable Trend Boho Chic – An Escape From Everyday Life Into Freedom

Boho Chic is in 2004 as a trend in fashion and has conquered the catwalk afterwards. Since the protagonist also often takes over to Boho Chic, this style influences indirectly and even unnoticed the everyday lifestyle of many women around the world. The interpretation of the term is very interesting. Boho (also called Bobo) is a shortening of French and English, which means”bohemian homeless”or”bourgeois bohemian”. In addition, Boho Chic was influenced by other contemporary styles – folk look, vintage, indie, ethno, Indian, Hawaii, hippie, festival, punk, grunge, and so on. Boho can also be imagined as a mixture of Ibiza Glamor and London Cool. Under the slogan”simplicity is the true elegance”many current fashion fans have reoriented themselves.

Boho Chic is actually for every fashion-conscious woman a way to escape everyday life and choose the freedom in her clothing. As a life philosophy he refers to the hippie movement of the 1960s and comes from the bohemian lifestyle. Boho women have a passion for to travel , for the unknown. They make a return to nature, feel romantic and free to experiment, and always carry something comfortable and natural. Boho style shows clearly that you want to escape the everyday life at home, to feel the beauty of nature on the beach or in the mountains close up. This is how women can discover the fascinating side of life!

A boho girl feels free

a boho girl


The Boho philosophy comes first to the outfit. Boho Chic is casual and casual. The Boho woman prefers natural fabrics for her dresses – cotton, silk, linen, velvet, leather, denim, fur, chiffon and the like. Natural colors are also preferred – blue, green, brown, beige, red. Have the courage to experiment with unexpected combinations!

Dresses in bright and pastel colors should be left in the wardrobe. Look for dresses with embroidery, fringes, lace and buttons. Comfort is at the top of the Boho Chic. Note the structure of your figure – with its wide-cut shapes, the Boho style can easily hide your blemishes.

Boho style is natural, casual and casual

Boho Lifestyle

Skirts and dresses are wide, long and airy. You should not be stressed to look sexy. You better carry what your real identity requires. It can be something deeply forgotten in the wardrobe that makes you look younger. Various animal prints and floral patterns, colorful ornaments, fur jackets, embroidered tunics, short-cut jackets and colored pantyhose match this style.


Boho Chic is rich in accessories – which can lead romance or a nomadic note to the outfit. Choose metal, precious stones, enormous plastic rings, bird feathers, wide belts etc. Temporary tattoos from Henna may also have you.

Use influential accessories – nothing is superfluous if it harmonizes with the style

Boho Accessories

Feel the magic of freedom, well-being and spontaneous emotions that trigger a real friendship

Boho chic in nature


In Boho style are the”high heels”taboo. Instead, you can wear Greek sandals, cowboy boots or just classic leather boots. It is very important to choose shoes made of natural materials – suede, leather, etc. The sole should be comfortable and low.

Airy clothes, boots and many accessories – that’s Boho!

Shoes made of suede

Roman sandals are the first choice of a Boho woman for the summer

Shoes and accessories in the Boho style

4. Hairstyles and make-up

If you have a long, wavy hair, you are by nature just a Boho woman. Just fix the waves with a bit of hairspray spray and you already have a well done hairstyle. At the bottom of our picture gallery we show different Haara accessories. Boho style does not seem to change the hair color. In terms of make-up, forget the powder – a stylish Boho-style dress will underline your natural complexion. Use only a lip gloss and let yourself and your skin be pampered by fresh sea breezes and mountain air.

So, the Boho Chic fits wonderfully at vacation time. But why not use some elements in everyday life? Let yourself be influenced by the Boho Chic and you will experience a whole new way of life. We wish you many positive emotions!

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Boho style hairstyles
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