Small Tattoos For Women: 52 Notable Ideas

The tattoos have a long history and, as a rule, there are only two possible reactions to this idea for permanent marking on the skin – you love it or you hate it!

Quite apart from what you feel for it, the tattoos exist for thousands of years. In fact, people have been tattooed in ancient Egypt. At that time the pregnant women sometimes had a small net tattooed on their tummy during the first weeks of gestation. With the growth of the baby in the belly, the tattoo expanded and enlarged. This web was adopted as a symbolic protection for the baby in the mother’s body. But even before this time the Neandertaler small points strategically tattooed around some joints. Today the scientists suspect that these have been made for therapeutic reasons.

Small tattoos and their charm since ancient times until today

Feather tattoo behind the ear

Today, almost every person has a tattoo – from the young punk rock fans to middle-aged people, whose tattoo is faded with time. The people of the 20th century perceive the ink on the body as art and the tattoo artist as an artist.

If you have decided to get tattooed for the first time, it is better to put on tattoos for women.

Small tattoos for women

Small mandala tattoo for the feet

Ideas for small tattoos for women

Luckily the motifs for small tattoos for the ladies are numerous. You can choose between black or colored tattoos. Animals, letters, hearts, keys, crowns, stars, and many other symbols are capable of changing your personality (in a positive direction, of course) and making you look even more feminine when done in the right place.

Look for the right tattoo site

Crown at the wrist tattoo

We have plenty of ideas for small female tattoos for you. The tattoos are no more taboo and are now very well received by the whole society. There is always the possibility to make the tattoo on a discrete body where only you can see it. But before deciding on a subject, have a tattoo artist advise you for the best possible position. Then select the correct size. It is better if the tattoo is not too small (under 2 cm) and not too thin, because over the years this will dissolve by itself. We have learned from tattooers that the tattoos on the fingers are the fastest ones removed from the organism compared to tattoos on other body parts. And still you can have them tattooed again.

And now follow the ideas for small tattoos for the ladies.

Tree tattoo on the neck
The world map as tattoo
Anker tattoo for ladies
An owl as a tattoo wrist
A small tattoo on the neck
Make ideas for small tattoos for ladies
A hidden tattoo spot
A small symbol as a tattoo
A star behind the ear tattoo
Angel wings as a small tattoo for women
Colored flowers as a sculpted tattoo
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Little feet tattoos for women
Little fairy tattoo at the foot
Small symbolic tattoos

Small tattoos as an arm chain
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Lotus flower at the wrist
Lotus flower on neck tattoo
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Palm as small tattoos for amen
Roses tattoo for women
Butterfly as a small women tattoo
Writing on the wrist tattoo
Stars tattoo on the neck
Star tattoos for women
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