Shorts – Ladies: The Trends For Summer 2018

There is not a nice summer for the ladies without nice shorts. There are some classic cuts that are always popular. At the same time, you should also consider some current trends in women’s fashion. Learn in time which are the popular modern trends. So you can already enjoy the first beautiful summer days with great outfits in shorts. Convince yourself of the great diversity you have for the coming summer!

The vegetable patterns have been popular for several seasons. In combination with elegant fabrics they are now in!

flowers prints idea short pants ladies


As in the previous season, elegant textiles for women’s shorts are up to date this year. They are suitable for an evening look and many stylish matters. They would be ideal for a romantic date on a nice day! But even in everyday life they would be suitable for carrying. But rather to go out.

Stylish patterns (whether painted on it or as an elegant ending for the trouser-cut) go hand in hand with the elegant textiles. The pink patterns from recent years are again popular in this – and for a good reason, because they really emphasize the feminine and elegant appearance. The elegant models continue to include the short, relatively tight pants with very high waist. The following are also very visible: coral color, yellow and stripes dominate this summer!

The high waist is ideal for the short pants 2018

yellow with patterns short pants ladies

Denim shorts – bleached and torn

Short pants for women in denim are trendy again this year. Somehow, that’s no different. Popular are the bleached models and the torn ones. Maybe you can cut them out of the old jeans that you do not want to wear anymore. Above all, such jeans are suitable for the evening walk in the city or on the beach! The length can be different – choose this one that suits you well and in which you feel comfortable. We find the combination below, which consists of knee-length jeans and a short shirt, very striking.

Lengthened short pants with short blouse – just perfect!

denim white shirt short pants ladies

Skorts instead of shorts

The combinations of skirt and pants are a wonderful alternative for all, are active and yet prefer the style of shorts. Mostly such models are available in beautiful colors and fine fabrics. So they are also up to date for more elegant occasions. Such a would be a bus or train ride in the context of a short break , or not? The same could be said about the so-called utility shorts – an elegant and practical idea!

Skorts – a convenient and equally elegant solution

short pants ladies light pink look

Overall with pants

The overalls are associated with a youthful appearance or even with the teenage look. But actually, this is also a great thing for elegant ladies of an adult age to put on comfortable shorts. The overalls made of fine fabrics and elegant patterns are super hip 2018th Such an example, we see in the picture below. It would be ideal for an evening look! Other fabrics and outfits are also possible. The denim overalls are up to date and you can wear them in 2018 as well.

Or maybe you’d prefer a jumpsuit look instead of the simple ladies’ shorts look?

green outfit short pants ladies

Safari shorts and cargo

The shorts in style safari refer to the fashion of the 70s. They are a retro style with which you will arrive very well in 2018. Gladly you wear them in the typical military colors. In these you will also find the Cargo Shorts – these are noticeable through the typical side pockets. Both types of shorts are more suitable for informal occasions.

Another great model for the city!

short to knee short ladies

Relatively tight-fitting models with high waist and extended pants

Relatively tight (but not too tight) models and knee-length pants are very popular in 2018! The two species are very often combined with elegant accessories, especially with a belt. Probably this is to emphasize the elegance of the body and the extravagant, unusual cut all the more. We show you several such models. Boyfriend models should not be ignored either. Depending on the fabric, color or accessories, all of these types of shorts may be suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

Suit models with boyfriend style shorts are a very original solution

short pants ladies everything in dark blue

Combine courageously

The courageous combinations are announced. You should be elegant, but at the same time show that you can take risks. It worked perfectly with the combination of the striped shorts and the blue blouse below! But there is much more that can work just as effectively and successfully. Models and other ideas, which we may not have named explicitly, but are still up to date, can be found in the next pictures.

Dare brave combinations!

stripes and Karee!

The cargo pants are a style of their own

cargo short pants idea

Yellow shorts in different shades will be up to date again this summer

yellow short pants idea

Coral-colored pants fit different occasions depending on the combination – official or everyday

Coral short pants ladies

Many tight models are also very well received!

short pants with high waist
safari short pants women
elegant city look short pants ladies

This look is perfect not only for the summer!

short pants ladies everything in black
short pants women to the knee with a long helmet

The combination of two great parts with short pants could be a very elegant solution

short pants ladies blue pattern
short pants ladies blue denim shirt
short pants ladies denim look

Another pair of shorts that you can wear for an official occasion

short pants ladies elegant in blue
short pants ladies a little tight knee length
short pants ladies a bit oversized

Elegant outfit with boyfriend model – that’s the way it works!

short pants ladies green very elegant
short pants ladies cared for ideas
short pants ladies short in white

Here we have a retro look with women’s shorts for you!

short pants ladies short and casual
short pants ladies shorts idea
short pants ladies official outfit

Even more elegance with women’s shorts

short pants ladies city look
short pants ladies great shorts
short pants ladies great pattern on white base

Subtle patterns for an elegant look – two more ideas

short pants ladies different nuances of beige
short pants ladies white with patterns

And something sporty….

sporty outfit short pants ladies

Three casual-looking outfits with shorts that can finally be considered very elegant

with sexy shirt for top short pants ladies
sporty elegant short pants ladies
tiger pattern short pants ladies

And some western flair at the end!

great jeans short pants ladies
great red short pants ladies