Short Pants For Men – The Latest For Trends 2018

The summer is short and we want to enjoy the warm days to the fullest. With comfortable clothes, but at the same time looks super chic and elegant, that works well. One would rather have all-rounders ready for this short time, so that one can prepare for many different occasions quickly. The new fashion lines for shorts for men make this possible. With two or three matching pairs and just as many shirts, you can be well prepared for the new season. If you follow such a strategy, there are hardly any occasions that are not covered. The following models should serve as inspiration. But it will probably be possible to wear your shorts from the last few years again. Especially if they are combined in a matching color or with matching T-shirts. In doing so, you realize that it is particularly modern to show your own style.

Joggings, just like other sporty shorts, can not be worn for training!

blue with stripes short pants

Sporty shorts can now be worn on several occasions

You may have noticed that by now you tend to wear jogging pants for many more occasions than you used to. One dodges the casual appearance by combining with elegant T-shirts. Furthermore, you have a great selection of colors in the generally stylish outfits.

This trend can now also be transferred to sporty shorts. Combined with a polo shirt or another matching top, they can make an everyday leisure look.

Shorts may appear sporty or elegant depending on how they are combined

bright green idea great short pants

On the border between the official and unofficial look

The outfits, which can be worn just as well on formal or less official occasions, have been a big issue in fashion in recent years. Because of that we stay a little bit more. Elegant shorts with slightly torn leg cuffs and perhaps a cord on the belt may e.g. look sporty or official depending on the combination. Look at the upper model – something like that would be super up to date in 2018 and is a real all-rounder.

You could wear such men’s shorts like these for a restaurant visit, do not you think?

yellow shading short pants

Elegant shorts

In the summer it is quite hot even in the evening. So you do not always feel like putting on a long pair of trousers yourself for an official occasion. But you have to do that for a wedding or a birthday. But the shorts could be about as a casual dinner on the terrace, in a cozy fish restaurant or for a date as well done. Of course you would have to choose an elegant model, preferably made of a thicker fabric and in a modern neutral color. You should set as a minimum on the knee length.

The wide and casual cuts are generally very popular with men’s pants

a little wider down short pants

Small checked shorts? Why not?

“Kleinkariert”is anything but an insult when it comes to shorts 2018. The creative little square prints are one of the many patterns for shorts that are super popular in 2018. You can be very creative in this regard. For the final result to be effective, it’s best to focus more on the exotic and modern shades of the season. If you opt for colors such as blue, gray and black, you can certainly wear such patterned men’s trousers for several seasons. As for the current shades, the following are especially popular: coral, ocean blue, dark blue, pale yellow shades, mint green. Actually, these will most likely be more or less modern for a few years. Orange and reddish nuances are also totally”in”.

Such little patterns are some of many modern prints for men’s shorts this year

small skated short pants

The shorts for men and the current summer trends

We have already mentioned some of the summer fashion trends for men. It is above all the modern colors that we have come to in considerable detail. Among all the tendencies Above all, the orange and reddish shades are particularly topical. Comfortable fabrics that look sporty or elegant, depending on the combination, are just as modern. Like the other garments in general. All-rounders are also the sporty shorts – they are now attracted to many different occasions. You have to be very careful when you’re not really into sports. We see creative combinations that rely on our own sense of style more and more every season. We hope that we will lead you to our own original outfit with our ideas.

The more neutral the colors of the shorts, the more diverse is their use

gray black design short pants

For an elegant appearance, the shorts should be at least knee length

gray shading tight short pants

The combination with a nautical T-shirt makes the simple blue shorts look very elegant

bright jeans color short pants

The blue color is again particularly relevant 2018

heavenly blue 2018 short pants

Here we see an elegant Demin model

jeans idea short pants

White and wide shorts – certainly a modern choice for 2018 and for the next few seasons

short pants absolutely white

Such funny patterns will often be seen on men’s shorts in the hot days

short pants subtle prints
short pants dark blue with white brand
short pants dark blue and durable

Beige remains next to other neutrals for men’s pants still current!

short pants elegant beige
short pants elegant gray
short pants slightly longer white

The exotic prints are equally popular in men’s and women’s fashion 2018

short pants exotic prits
short pants very nice green
short pants gray white design

Here are two current men’s sporty pants for the summer

shorts gray shading with a sign
short pants green blue 2018
short pants light sea blue

… and three elegant inspirations for particularly hot days.

short pants light beige

short pants small pattern
short pants military style very short

Followed by three ideas for shorts, which we can call with a good conscience”Allrounder”

short pants medium gray
short pants modern neutral shading
short pants modern pink color

It may be comfortable and relaxed in 2018!

short pants bright color jeans
short pants with white acts
short pants modern checked model
short pants modern model

Bright orange and reddish shades are quite fashionable in 2018

short pants pink pants great
short pants pink and stripes
short pants very light gray

Even the current sporty pants have a very individual design

short pants red and scorpion
short pants rouge great
short pants black and gray idea

Yellow is 2018 not only for men shorts very modern

short pants sunny yellow idea
short pants made of comfortable material
military style short pants

Just like blue…

short pants great blue
short pants great dark blue
short pants wonderful and sporty
short pants wonderful white model

Short pants in coral? That’s a very fashionable idea for men shorts!

modern variant of the corall short pants
modern green 2018 short pants
ombre in bright blue short pants

Here are the exciting patterns for shorts for men, of which there was already talk!

patchwork idea short pants
pink with karee short pants
beautiful flower prints short pants

You could rely on classic colors and models that you combine individually

very light shading short pants
very bright pink short pants

sporty style short pants

Such fresh summer ideas are also suitable for short pants

scorpions pattern short pants
great mint idea short pants
great pink idea short pants

Finally – some short pants of the class from the 2018 colletions

white and blue short pants
white short pants tolerance brand
white pattern short pants
wonderful bordeau short pants