Schneeberger Textildesignstudenten Discover The Working World

Plauen “A roller blind rarely comes alone”- Under this motto, the final thesis in the Textile Design / Textildesign study program ran. The students of the 6th semester at the Faculty of Applied Art in Schneeberg Were given the opportunity to translate their theoretical design ideas into practice by designing motifs for surface curtains. They were supported by not only the responsible professors of the Faculty of Applied Art of Schneeberg of the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, but also the Sensuna GmbH, a producer for pleating, roller blinds and face curtains, as well as , An online shop for textile sun protection at the window but also on balcony and terrace.

Windowless as final work
Rich in pattern

At the beginning of the semester there was a visit by the two Saxon companies, which the students together with their professors Annerose Schulze and Jörg Steinbach undertook. The managing director of RolloExpress, Michael Knauth, did not allow himself to guide the visitors through the production sites, to explain to them the processes from the design to the ready-to-produce product and to answer open questions. For several years now, Knauth has been committed to closer cooperation between universities and companies that agree to give young people first insights into the working world.

Textildesigns of students
Windowless with tematic pattern

Now that the 6th semester has ended and the final thesis has been completed, there is the possibility that one or the other design will be added to the assortment of the two companies. The choice of designs for curtains and blinds may also be decided by the students, because in this cooperation project the artistic assessment plays an important role, as well as market and business management aspects. At the same time, RolloExpress would like to have the same range as before LYSEL sliding tables in standard dimensions In order to expand Sensuna’s custom-made products.

At the beginning of August, Michael Knauthnun visited the students in Schneeberg and convinced himself of the many-faceted results. He was impressed by the original ideas and the feel for materials, colors and patterns. It remains to be seen which designs are included in the collection.

Window blinds and flat curtains
Windowless for the bedroom
Window blinds and textile in great colors
Great flat curtains for the living room window
Curtains for each room
Window blinds and curtains for the office
Leaf pattern on the window blind
Great color combinations for window blinds
Curtains and window blinds for the nursery
Great selection of color samples
Rollo rarely comes alone silver-coated, design by Hella Bierhals