Modern Bags For The Spring Season 2017!

Modetrends with the handbags for spring 2017

A new modern handbag would be a wonderful gift at the beginning of spring, right? There are so many occasions for such a fashion gift. For example Valentine’s Day.

Which handbags will be fashionable in spring? We would like to answer this question. Let us browse through the offers together.

Again we have to reckon with a great variety. They have everything from fabulous pictures and floral prints to super luxurious models and textures.

If you want a colored accent in your outfit, then you can access the Popart models. Are you curious? Let us look at some trends from close up.

Modern Bags – Childish Models

Ladies handbags modern bags top fashion trends

Do you remember longing for some handbags from your childhood? What do you think of these in sack form? In the spring they are particularly modern and chic, just made of artificial leather.

You can choose black for the seamless look. But do not close your eyes for the other leather vestures that include plaid or floral patterns.

Perhaps go a step bolder and childish before and opt for a model with pompoms accessories.

Handles for the handbag with artistic accessories

Givenchy ladies handbags modern bags

The designers of handbags have a very clear message this year: Do not take the handles of the handbag more than a matter of course. They are beautifully decorated and decorated with charming details. Or they are a ring made of metal or plastic. Other geometrical shapes made of the same materials are often used. Furthermore, ethnic and nautical details in the handbag design are super current.

Knitted or draped

Michle kross current modetrends

Knitted or draped pockets are also an invention of designers for the new spring season 2017. On the one hand such models appear quite dramatic. In addition, they can look pretty retro. In both cases, such a handbag represents a great accent in your fashionable look.

Over-sized handbags

Leather women's fashionable fashion trends

This trend is predominant in the fashion of the autumn and winter seasons. But you do not have to miss this trend in spring. You can buy an oversized handbag. There are many current models. Compared to everything else at this time, you have a seamless look.

Pop Art Pattern

Versace modern bags current modetrends

Bright animal patterns are not fashionable this season. But they have made space for something no less exciting. These are the colored graphic patterns. In color, designers have a strong hold on orange, yellow and red. To be particularly up-to-date, you can take colors from the Pantone color palette. Inscriptions and illustrations in the same style are also very much in demand.

The fashion of the handbags, as well as of the shoes, tends to be the limit to the kitschy design this season. However, try to escape this danger and create a stylish look in a brilliant way.

A new fashionable handbag would be a wonderful gift at the spring start

Current fashionable modern bags

Modern bag by Victoria Beckham

Victoria beckham modern bags

The handrails are adorned with artful details

Fendi modern bags current fashion trends

The oversized bags are not only modern, but also practical

Celine women handbags modern bags

Again we have to reckon with a great variety of modern bags

Proenza schouler current modetrends

A Gucci handbag in pop art design

Gucci women handbags modern bags

Modern bags – leather bag in combination with Pantone colors

Leather bags ladies modern bags

An interesting model of Louis Vuitton

Luise vutoune ladies handbags modern bags
Modern bags current fashion trends

Draped bags are also a new invention of designers for the spring season 2017

Modern bags women handbags current fashion trends

To be particularly up-to-date, you can take colors from the Pantone color palette

Pop fashion women handbags modern bags
Miu miu women's handbags modern bags