Jewelry Trends 2018 For The Spring / Summer Season

The accessories and the jewelry are the final touch of the outfit. Through these you can give even the simplest outfit an accent and express your individuality. Today we show you some of the jewelery trends 2018. These will definitely help you to be modern and up-to-date this spring and summer.

Spring / Summer Jewelery Trends 2018

women necklaces jewelry trends 2018

Jewelery Trends 2018: Necklace with several chains

Very interesting and delicate tendency among the pieces of jewelry. Modern are the necklaces with delicate chains as well as the eclectic ones, which combine different materials – leather, metal, plastic, stones and textile.

Long, beautiful and attractive ladies earrings

jewelry trends 2018 ladies jewelry

Long earrings

This year’s jewelry motto is”More is more”. The statement earrings are attracting a lot of attention this season. Whether you prefer the simpler or the more gorgeous models, the XXL earrings are simply a must if you follow the latest trends. And because they attract attention, you’d rather forego other jewelry or accessories.

Pearl shine on the neck

women's fashion trends summer 2018 jewelry trends 2018

Jewelery Trends 2018: Pearls

The pearl jewelry celebrates a big comeback. The variety of designs is enormous again. The multi-part pearl necklaces look fabulous, but also the jewelery purists can benefit from it, because pearls are worn quite simply and classically. But the pearl trend not only affects the jewelry, but also the clothing and other accessories.

Jewelry Trends 2018: Transparent and interesting

women's accessories jewelry trends 2018

Transparent jewelry

Transparency is a current keyword in the fashion world. The interesting thing about transparent jewelery is that it attracts attention at the same time and does not look so noticeable. Perfectly combined is this jewelry with a monochrome outfit. In addition to the Jewelry Trends 2018, this trend is also conquering the world of shoes and handbags.

Royal splendor from the baroque era

Lush jewelry in the Baroque style

Dolce & Gabbana have again shown us what the magnificent Baroque style looks like in jewelery and accessories. Gold, silver and many, many gems – the more, the better. You can wear stylish Baroque-style jewelery on special occasions, combined with a simple outfit. These pieces of jewelry are not so suitable for everyday life.

Pearls and stones decorate the hair

hair jewelry jewelry trends 2018 women's fashion

Jewelry for the hair

This summer the jewelery will not only be visible on our neck and hands, but also on our hair. Hairbands with plenty of pebbles and hairpins, much like brooches, will adorn our hair and put on their looks.

Other hip jewelery trends for the spring / summer season 2018 are the brooches, the oversized bracelets and the anklets. Now look at all the trends and we are sure you will follow one or the other trend.

Jewelry Trends 2018 from the Milan Fashion Week

milan fashion week jewelry trends 2018

The earrings do not necessarily have to be the same size or the same length

current women's trend jewelry trends 2018

The plus sizes are also valid for the bracelets

bracelet women's jewelry trends 2018

Tassel earrings in bright colors

jewelry trends 2018 women's fashion trends summer 2018

The statement earrings win a lot of attention

women's earrings jewelry trends 2018

The Chanel Trends for Spring / Summer 2018

chanel jewelery trends 2018 women's fashion
women's rings jewelry trends 2018

Shiny and interesting brooches are also trendy

women's fashion jewelry trends 2018 women's jewelry

Elie Saab Jewelery Trends 2018

elie saab jewelry trends 2018 women's fashion

This year’s jewelry motto is”More is more”

necklaces ladies jewelry trends 2018
fashion trends summer 2018 jewelry trends 2018

The variety of pearl jewelry is again enormous

pearl jewelry schmuck trends 2018 women's jewelery

Long tassel earrings in trendy color

tassels earrings jewelry trends 2018

A beautiful necklace is suitable for the deep cleavage

jewelry ideas jewelry trends 2018

Lucky for jewelry fans

women's fashion jewelery trends 2018 fashion trends summer 2018

Transparent trend for modern ladies

transparent earrings jewelry trends 2018
jewelry trends 2018 ladies bracelets

Be beautiful and modern with the Jewelry Trends 2018

jewelry trends 2018 women's earrings

The blue color is very popular this season

jewelery trends 2018 ladies trends 2018

A summer full of sea symbols

summer fashion jewelry trends 2018 women's jewelry
victor boyko fashion trends summer 2018 jewelry trends 2018