Eyebrows: Braided Eyebrows Is The New Trend For 2018!

The eyebrows have been earning women’s attention for a long time. But the last trend in their make-up has managed to win many successors and to inspire women worldwide.

The braided eyebrows are definitely mesmerizing and automatically trigger a series of questions. Most of the questions are”How did you do it?”,”I want one too”, etc. The technique is actually quite simple, as with most optical effects. You’ll see for yourself by watching the video below and following the tutorial steps. It shows how easy any lady could make those plaited eyebrows.

An interesting make-up trend for the eyebrows

Make-up perfectly

The latest make-up trend in the eyebrows

The beauty fans from all over the world, who like these interesting stain pigtails and follow the fashion trends and always want to look up-to-date, have already tried this new trend for braided brows. And although these look like braided hair strands, this is actually an optical illusion that can only be achieved in a few minutes.

To create the braided look on your eyebrows, all you need is an eyebrow pin and a little gel. You go with the pen the natural eyebrow shape and draws lines, as if you draw hearts. Afterwards, walk along the eyebrow with a bit of gel, so that the whole thing can withstand the day.

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Make-up eyebrows yourself

The inventor of this eyebrow trend

It all started with an Instagram photo of Eros Gomez, a 17-year-old Los Angeles make-up artist, and his plaited eyebrow. But he posted the picture saying it was just a joke and the photo was processed because his eyebrow hairs are too short to braid. He actually tried to braid his tiny eyebrow hairs with hair gel. It took him almost an hour, but without success. The photo spread quickly like a virus on the net and found many sympathizers among the beauty bloggers and quickly developed into a new trend.

Logically, the question arises whether the braids on the eyebrows are real. Lately, ladies’ eyebrows have undergone any change in shape. From super dense and fluffy to those that resemble bird feathers or waves, you have experienced everything.

Of course, we all know that the normal length of eyebrow hair does not allow it to braid. But it turns out that this is not necessary. With the right make-up products, patience and the desire to be different from the crowd, you can achieve this effect.

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