Eyebrows: Braided Eyebrows Is The New Trend For 2018!

The eyebrows deserve the ladies’ attention for a long time. But the latest trend in their make-up has succeeded in winning many successors and inspiring women worldwide.

The”Braided Eyebrows”definitely look fascinating and automatically evoke a series of questions. Most of the questions are”How did you make them?”,”I want them too”, etc. The technique is, as with most optical effects, quite simple. You will convince yourself by looking at the video below and follow the instructions. It shows how easy every lady could make these braided eyebrows.

An interesting make-up trend for the eyebrows

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The latest makeup trend in eyebrows

The beauty fans from all over the world, who like these interesting spot pots and who want to follow the fashion trends and want to look always up-to-date, have already tried this new trend for Braided Brows. And although these look like braided hair strands, this is actually an optical illusion that can only be achieved in a few minutes.

To create the braided look on your eyebrows, you only need an eyebrow stylus and a little gel. Go with the pencil, the natural eyebrow shape and draw strokes as if you draw hearts. Then you go with some gel of the eyebrow, so that the whole thing can resist the day.

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The inventor of this eyebrows trend

It all started with an Instagram photo of Eros Gomez, a 17-year make-up artist from Los Angeles, and his braided eyebrow. But he postponed the picture with the statement that this is only a joke and the photo was processed because his eyebrows are too short to braid them. He actually tried to braid his tiny eyebrow hair with hair gel. He needed almost an hour, but without success. The photo spread quickly as a virus in the net and found many sympathizers among the beauty bloggers and developed rapidly to a new trend.

Here, the question arises whether the braids on the eyebrows are genuine. Recently, the ladies’ eyebrows have been exposed to any changes in shape. From super thick and cuddly to those, which resemble bird feathers or waves, one has experienced everything.

Obviously, we all know that the normal length of the eyebrows does not allow them to braid them. But it turns out that this is not necessary at all. With the right make-up products, patience and the desire to differ from the human mass, one can achieve this effect.

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