9 Healthy Foods For The Summer, Which You Can Consume In Large Quantities

Due to the beginning of summer, the holiday season and our vacation plans for a well-deserved rest by the sea or in the mountains, it is natural that we want to eat less and have a good figure. However, starving is not an effective way to lose weight permanently. Rather, you would achieve the opposite by doing so. We have a better idea: make a list of healthy foods from which you do not increase. Incidentally, healthy foods are different for different groups of people. There are methods by which you can find the good foods for yourself. Some come from traditional medicine and there are equally popular alternatives such as Ayurveda , We offer you a list of nine foods that are healthy for most people and can be eaten without restriction.

If you crave something sweet, blueberries are the right food for you

raspberries from a tube of healthy food

Delicious healthy food for the summer


The blueberries are among the healthiest fruits and they deserve their fame. They contain many antioxidants and that has a very soothing effect. A glass of blueberries is enough to get you 14% of the fiber you need. They are pretty low in calories, because 100 grams are approx.

85 calories.

Cucumber and avocado – a great combination of healthy food for the summer

salad avocado green spices healthy food

The cucumbers

The cucumbers are mainly made from water and have only 15 calories per 100g. They are ideal healthy foods for the summer. If you find organic products, you should not remove the peel and seeds. It contains a lot of fiber and vitamins. For example, you get a lot of Vitamin A through the shell, which is an antioxidant that’s good for many aspects of your health. Among other things, it is ideal for eye health.

Would not stuffed tomatoes be a tasty meal from healthy foods?

tomatoes cheese spices healthy food


The red color is due to the tomato lycopene of the carotenoid class. It inhibits the inflammatory processes and protects against chronic diseases. In addition, the tomatoes are healthy foods and a source of important vitamins A, C and B2. By consuming these vegetables, you also provide your body with folic acid, potassium and fiber. All this for the price of only 25 calories per 100 grams.

Grapefruit – for most people a delicious and healthy food idea

grapefruit idea great juice healthy food

The Grapefruit

According to recent research, the regular consumption of grapefruit can promote weight balance in every person. This consumption helps regulate cholesterol and improve digestion. This is achieved by the large amounts of fiber. In addition, you get more vitamin C and folic acid. Half a grapefruit contains only 50 calories.

Fish and broccoli are a great summer meal for those who appreciate healthy living

broccoli fish healthy food


Regular consumption of broccoli is also very helpful for those who value healthy living. Thanks to the active ingredient sulforaphane, it has a pronounced anti-cancer effect. By eating broccoli regularly, you are helping your body fight the harmful chemicals that invade it from nature and from food. Furthermore, the broccoli contain the vitamins A, C, E and K. With a small portion of broccoli of about 100 – 200 grams, you get the necessary amount of fiber, and only about 21 calories.

There are so many delicious recipe ideas with cauliflower!

karfiol healthy food spices


If you can call a vegetable variety flexible, then that’s certainly the cauliflower. It’s also an abundant source of antioxidants. In addition, by consuming it, you get large amounts of vitamin C, K, folic acid, and fiber. The calories contained in 100g are only 25.

This is a simple mix of very healthy foods

healthy food tomatoes green salads

Green salads

The salads and the leafy vegetables generally have between 10 and 20 calories per 100 grams. They are abundant sources of fiber and other valuable active ingredients such as folic acid, iron, as well as vitamins A and C. Note the following: The darker the color of the vegetables, the higher the number of healthy ingredients in it.

Strawberry – delicious and healthy foods

strawberries great fruits healthy food


In one serving of strawberries there is more vitamin C than in an orange. You also get valuable antioxidants. The strawberries are a good source of potassium and folic acid. 100g contains about 50 calories.

Such a dish is noble, tastes good and it provides you with many vitamins. You do not have to worry about the calories!

melon ham healthy food idea


The melons are healthy foods that not only smell nice, but also contain as much beta-carotene. In this regard, they are in advance of all other types of fruits. A small portion is usually sufficient to provide you with the necessary daily dose of vitamins A and C.

Healthy foods with lots of water are good for the summer

All listed healthy foods contain plenty of water. Thus, the calories are little. In addition, they help with the hydrogenation, which is very important in summer. Furthermore, there are in all listed foods many fiber and active ingredients that promote the metabolism. They are rich in healthy vitamins and minerals. If you know these criteria, you can actually continue your list according to your own taste.

We wish you an amusing and healthy summer.