30 + Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Taste Great

When talking about a healthy life, you first have to keep in mind the following: This is a very individual matter. On the basis of own experiments with food and diets, more and more people are learning that there are no universally functioning formulas. If someone promises you that, then you would prefer to stay away from his clues. There are, however, some basic rules, such as these, that good nutrition is the key to health. What your own healthy diet looks like, but you should find out yourself and preferably under the supervision of a specialist. We are happy to help with varied breakfast ideas!

Burrito with sweet potatoes and black beans

crap ideas great breakfast ideas

Let’s start with something exotic: burritos for breakfast. Full of vegetables, they can be quite filling and healthy. In this case, a combination of sweet potatoes and black beans was chosen.

Oatmeal with eggs

eggs and vegetables breakfast ideas

This is a strange combination at first sight. But it would be perfect for many who need strong energy in the morning. Here you have a perfectly balanced portion of carbohydrates and protein. In this case we also have some vegetables. Not only breakfast ideas, but other meals could actually look like this.

Avocado bread with eggs

breakfast ideas avocado and eggs

Here is one of the many simple breakfast ideas that are super healthy. In this case, combine healthy bread with avocado. There are also eggs that provide additional protein in the menu.

Zucchini bread with oatmeal flour

breakfast ideas bananas and other eleckereien

A classic recipe, ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a neutral taste early in the morning.

Oatmeal breakfast with almonds and berries

breakfast ideas berries with coco and other ideas

For this breakfast you combined oatmeal . Chia seeds , Blueberries, vanilla, almond milk and maple syrup. All of this is mixed in a vessel the night before and is best kept in the fridge. In the morning you can decorate with almond pieces as shown here. Breakfast can be eaten cold or warmed up slightly.

Chia pudding with bananas and peanut butter

Breakfast ideas chia with bananas

This breakfast idea looks like a dessert. It can also be offered as such on several occasions. You need chia seeds, bananas, maybe some milk. The latter can be substituted with soymilk if you are lactose intolerant.

Toast with macadamia, tomatoes and ricotta

breakfast ideas square bread slices

This is a healthy alternative to the classic breakfast toast. It is best to use whole wheat bread or one recommended by your doctor or dietician. In this case, macadamia ricotta cheese was used, prepared according to a homemade recipe. Tomatoes, other vegetables and herbs bring freshness to this recipe idea.

Tasty waffles

breakfast ideas strawberries waffles

Well, we promised delicious and healthy breakfast ideas. The waffles are not exactly such an example. Unless they are healthy wholegrain waffles! And there are. So you do not have to do without this known delicious taste.

breakfast ideas fruits and nuts great idea

Biscuits with peanut butter, bananas and oatmeal flour

breakfast ideas pastry with nice additives

Cookies for breakfast? Yes, that’s certainly a great idea. We recommend that you combine peanut butter, protein powder and oatmeal for the recipe of these bananas. Other great recipes could include almond butter and raisins.

Quinua beet with ham and cheese

breakfast ideas vegetables casserole ideas

Are you one of those people who, despite the wide variety of healthy breakfast ideas, keep coming back to the cheese-ham toast? You could have this taste a little healthier, if you take quinua instead of bread and make delicious”beds”out of it. You also need eggs and can add to your favorite or seasonal vegetables on request.

Quick Homemade Oatmeal Flour

breakfast ideas oatmeal bags

This type of breakfast idea can be prepared by anyone with hot water in the microwave. Spread oatmeal flour and your favorite ingredients there. Add some sugar to your taste.

Muffins made from coconut, yoghurt and quinua

breakfast ideas yeast muffins

Quinua is something you can always access in case of doubt. It has a neutral taste and therefore it can taste practically no one bad. In addition, it contains healthy vitamins and minerals. Combined with coconut and yogurt, you get a fabulous taste.

Smoothies breakfast ideas with yoghurt

breakfast ideas raspberries yoghurt

Are you one of those people who prefer to drink in the morning rather than chew? Smoothies could then generally be a good idea for you. If you can handle the yogurt well at this time of the day, then you could use it as a base and add some delicious fruit. Instead of sugar, either take another healthy alternative for sweetening. Does Stevia taste good to you?

Peanut butter and banana smoothie

breakfast ideas delicious milk with nuts

If you have little time and need a lot of energy for the long day, then maybe this is a very good idea for you. Such a smoothie has a pronounced satiating effect due to the peanut butter and its own taste. And lots of carbohydrates that can give you a lot of energy for the next few hours. Attention: Only people who are physically stressed should eat this breakfast more often. Carbohydrates lead to weight gain if not consumed immediately.

Lemon cookies with a lot of vitamins and fiber

breakfast ideas delicious and healthy bread

Here’s a healthier version of the classic lemon muffins. Oatmeal flour combined with vanilla protein powder make a healthy, filling base. With yoghurt the taste becomes moister and with a bit of fat – much tastier. You can get this recipe with a very low calorie content.

Parfait with pumpkin, granola and yoghurt

breakfast ideas several layers desserts

This is one of the breakfast ideas that would be ideal for the fall season. Most of all you should offer this in a small transparent glass jar. By the way, this is a perfect idea for a great autumn party!

Tofu breakfast with vegetables

breakfast ideas with eggs

This is one of the tastiest vegetable recipes for vegetarians. For this you could use pieces of vegetables left over from the larger dishes. In this case you used paprika, broccoli and some potatoes.

Muffins with berries and oatmeal, prepared in the microwave

breakfast ideas muffin strawberries decoration

Muffins in the microwave? Yes, there are such delicious and simple breakfast ideas. You’ll need a 1/4 cup oatmeal flour, an egg, handfuls of berries, and brown sugar. You should mix all the ingredients until a consistent mixture is formed. Put this mixture in the microwave for a minute, take a quick look and see what’s going on. Then you should bake the muffins for another 30 seconds until they are completely finished. You can then beautifully decorate with strawberries or other fruits as in the picture above.

Muffins with zucchini, bananas and chocolate

breakfast ideas muffins with chocolate

Vegetarian pastries are always welcome. Because the really good recipes are not many. This breakfast idea includes delicious products such as coconut oil, zucchini, bananas, wholegrain or other kind of healthy flour, brown sugar, and even chocolate chips on request. Really irresistible, right?

Sandwich with egg

Breakfast ideas juice and eggs breakfast

It’s not that difficult to make such a sandwich with egg at all. To make sure the taste is delicious, you should put some arugula salad, previously dipped in olive oil, on the bread. You could finally sprinkle some Parmesan on it.

Warmed fruit bowl

breakfast ideas beautiful fruits wrecks

A delicious dessert for breakfast? Here we have a great idea, which is also gluten free. You simply need a mix of different berries to bake them in the oven. Add some dark chocolate and a cup of milk. I hope you have no incompatibility with the last one.

Vegan muffins with blueberries

breakfast ideas beautiful cake ideas

Linen seeds were used to prepare these vegan muffins. It’s a great breakfast that’s wonderfully enriched with fiber and omega 3 fatty acids.

Eggs with cheese and spinach

breakfast ideas beautiful plates

The fried eggs are a wonderful and for many people – the best breakfast idea ever. To make it healthier, we recommend you to take extra oil. For a delicious taste, you should add cheese and vegetables.

Healthy bread with bananas

Breakfast ideas black bread with bananas

There are so many healthy butter and bread types on the market that are enriched with various additional healthy ingredients. But the combination of these results in many healthy breakfast ideas. In this case, they opted for wholemeal bread, chia seeds, delicious butter without bananas.

Healthy waffles with peanut butter and strawberries

breakfast ideas great rolls with jam

These delicious-looking waffles can be very healthy if they are made from whole grains or other healthy types of flour. Combine with a popular jam. In this case, strawberries were chosen in combination with peanut butter.

Oatmeal flour with chocolate and pumpkin

breakfast ideas-great-warm-idee

Most of our breakfast ideas contain vegetables and fruits. Depending on what they are, they may be more or less appropriate for one season or another. Oatmeal flour with pumpkin, for example, would be ideal for the fall.

Eggs casserole

Breakfast ideas, great casserole

Such breakfast ideas are certainly not prepared every day. For special cases, where you really need a lot of energy and the feeling of satiety for a hard day, it’s well worth the effort. Such a casserole you could actually prepare from the day before.

Oatmeal cookies

Breakfast ideas great plate with delicious breakfast

For most of us, oatmeal is a very healthy alternative to the usual breakfast ideas. You can eat these in a variety of ways. The oatmeal cookies would be a fabulous idea.

breakfast ideas great breakfast on the stalk

Frozen bananas with almond butter

Sometimes you want to treat yourself to something really sweet and tasty early in the morning so you can motivate yourself for the day ahead. You will certainly improve your mood with a banana recipe with almond butter. For this you should dip the bananas in the evening in almond butter and leave overnight in the refrigerator.

Quiche with spinach and cheddar cheese

breakfast ideas baked idea

Some cook once a week and then warm up the food. A quiche with spinach and feta cheese would be a great recipe that would work well with different meals. Including that would be a great breakfast idea.

Healthy breakfast – muffins made from eggs

breakfast ideas baked ideas

Use the muffin molds to make an original breakfast with eggs. For this you can use cheese and different vegetables. There are a number of great breakfast ideas that can result.

Parfait with berries for breakfast!

breakfast ideas yogurt and fruits

If one were to select the breakfast ideas according to the appearance and the attractiveness, then the Parfaits would surely be the best selection. You can combine all the desired additional ingredients. Choose fruits of the season for particularly healthy results.

Homemade granola bars

breakfast ideas energy bars

These granola bars have been made on the basis of oatmeal. You can take various ingredients that you like to eat and give you energy for the day.

Vegetable mix, enriched with quinoa and chia

breakfast ideas delicious mix with fruits

This is another mix of fruits that has been enriched by two types of super food. We see a great combination with Chia and Quinua, so you can say with many healthy vitamins and minerals.

Green apples with peanut butter and granola

breakfast ideas great prepared apples

Here we have a lighter version of the well-known energy bars. Here we have green apples, so fresh fruits with it. This makes such and similar breakfast ideas especially healthy. You can add cinnamon or melted chocolate, for example.

Healthy muffins for breakfast with oatmeal

healthy vegetables snacks breakfast ideas

The breakfast ideas with oatmeal dominate in this article and we think that’s self-evident. After all, this is one of the healthiest products you can choose for this time of day. In this case you combine with other healthy products, such as zucchini, carrots and raisins. Bake best with brown sugar.

Fruit salad with quinoa

Cinema and fruits ideas breakfast ideas

The fruit salad itself might not be satisfying enough for many people. In terms of taste, many would miss something. For this reason, it would be ideal if you add some quinua.

Chocolate and quinoa

Süßerm enjoy great breakfast ideas

Chocolate for breakfast does not sound like a very healthy recipe idea. But if you take one with little sugar then it looks a bit different. You would like to add quinoa and some fruits. By no means should you use the unhealthy sugar. You prefer to choose others healthy alternatives ,

When it comes to your diet, you should only trust reputable and verified specialists

Whether you are turning to traditional or alternative medicine, you would have to trust your inner feeling. You may only accept advice from reliable and verified persons and by no means do things that pose too great a challenge to your body. This article should under no circumstances be taken as an indication of what you should eat or not! But after you find out, you can”steal”great recipe ideas from this post!