Successful Lighting Concept – Interesting Facts And Practical Tips

One of the most effective methods to create a good atmosphere, is the clever use of various light sources. A sophisticated lighting concept creates a cosy atmosphere, but a sophisticated lighting must be well planned. If a room is too much lit, we feel the light rather than disturbing, and if there is too little of it, it’s too dark in the majority of cases. I’ll show you in this article, how to choose the proper lighting for the living room, and for every other room and what to look for in the different lighting techniques.

With thoughtful light concept for optimal lighting

The right lighting often decides whether we feel in a room. The lighting develops a completely different effect on the space and the people who are in the room depending on the contrast, colour and brightness. So, for example indirect lighting ideal for suitable to create a cozy atmosphere, while a very bright, focused light is needed for labor and office space. To create optimal conditions in a space, care should be taken therefore to the correct lighting. Today lighting techniques and numerous light sources are different available, that you can set according to their individual wishes and requirements and combine to create the optimal lighting.

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The current lighting techniques

Nowadays, we have the choice between a large number of different light sources that bring each several advantages but also some disadvantages. They differ primarily in the light color, brightness and energy efficiency.

For these reasons, it is important to find out about the individual bulbs and to get an overview of the possibilities and areas of application in this way.

Light bulb- The traditional light bulb was for decades the most common light source, to go away but because of the relatively high energy consumption in the coming years from the trade. The emitted light is warm and yellowish.

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Halogen lamp- A halogen lamp is characterised by a clear, white light. This kind of light is particularly suitable for work areas and kitchens. One advantage of halogen lamps is that colors are not alienated by the clear halogen light. Halogen lamps should be phased out, but in the next few years.

Energiesparleuchten- Energy-saving bulbs consume a small amount of energy and keep a long time, they can be dimmed but not always.

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LED lamps – modern LEDs have a very long service life, develop a minimal heat and are particularly economical. Tiny semiconductor crystals, which generate light in combination with power are the heart of a LED. Due to their small size and minimum energy consumption, can they be used almost everywhere and enable new, never-before-seen usage scenarios. Floor luminaires, which are available in various shapes and colours are an innovative product of modern LED technology. LED floor lights are characterised by a variability and are suitable for almost all items in your home. If you want to know more about LED floor lights , you will find more information and offers on Modern LEDs are dimmable, available in almost all colours. A disadvantage is the relatively high price compared to traditional light bulbs, which is why LEDs commonly used as a supplement to the traditional lighting.

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Combination of different light sources

A balanced ratio between enables and high-contrast lighting ensures an atmosphere of well-being. This can be best achieved through a combination of different light sources and background lighting, work lighting, and accent lighting. Spaces that are lit from a mixture of these three types of light rays with a cosy atmosphere.

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