How Much Christmas Lights Is Allowed?

Of a friend, the other suffering – especially during the festive season, this saying has a special meaning. Because hardly is the advent season dawned, then it starts in the darkness in neighbor’s gardens glitter and Flash, and the often throughout the night. No matter whether flashing Santas, a wonderful Christmas illuminated sign train or countless lights – when the Christmas lights of the neighbors is too pompous and annoying, there are regulations aimed at preventing an abundance of Christmas lights.¬† However, court decisions illustrate that the tenants have a right also to Christmas to illuminate the flat – but only with restrictions.

The luminous Garland as window decorations are according to a judgment of the Landgericht Berlin (AZ 65 S 390/09) to a German custom of widely used and recognised, that may be not prohibited to the tenant.

The Christmas lights as Immissions (section 906) is described in the German civil code (BGB), which is tolerated only if she significantly affect anyone.

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Should the entire Christmas lights of the neighbors are a serious nuisance for local residents or roommates due to their intensity, then can to insist that the lights decorations from 22 clock be turned off. Then begins because the statutory sleep that persists in this country until six o’clock in the morning. Especially, if the flashing lights in the neighbourly bedroom where sleep is disturbed, or if in addition to the lighting still sounds or music of the Christmas decoration of Windows and House, she must be adhered mandatory rest period. Essentially it depends on also, how high the strange light has an effect on the neighbors. The argument that the neighbor should simply draw its curtains or let down its shutters the country Court in Wiesbaden however rejected.

Christmas lights lights necklaces window decoration Christmas decoration

The world’s umpteenth Christmas light had an Australian family, which had built 502.165 light and thus setting a record.

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On good-neighbourly relations

The degree of impairment of course mostly depends on a particular case. But if you feel disturbed by the Christmas decorations, one should look first once the conversation within the meaning of the good Nachbarschaftsverhältnises. Maybe the neighbor not understands his impairment of other campers.

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