Garden Lighting Plan: For Every Garden Type The Appropriate Lighting

For each type of garden of the appropriate lighting

Certain types of lighting are more or less depending on the type of garden. Here you useful about the appropriate lighting for kitchen gardens, game gardens, family gardens and exotic gardens.

The right lighting for the garden

In the vegetable garden, a practical lighting is important. The acreage and beds should be well lit. Who uses light with motion detector, ensures that the light really only then turned on, when you need it. This saves electricity. Only the solar technology, which works completely without power is even more economical. Wall lamps made of stainless steel or with motion sensor, LED wall lights for outdoor use, brass and copper Wall lamp and wall-mounted luminaire are appropriate lighting for the garden. Of course you can make your vegetable patch also with stainless steel plinth lights and LED base lights shine. Also in solar technology, you have the choice. There are solar wall lights and solar lights with motion sensors. For those who like something playful, selects decorative solar lights.

Plan garden lighting

garden lighting plan for each type of garden the right lighting

The playground to explore and romp

Children make a garden really come alive. But they need space and a robust grass for romping. Also a sand pit, a small slide and a swing fit well into a playground for the young. On the subject of lighting, security is a major issue here. Dangerous places such as a staircase or the garden pond should be lit so that children cannot accidentally fall down or fall into the water. Mast lights, candelabra and bollard luminaires are suitable here. You can find more information here.

The exotic garden

In an exotic garden a scenic lighting really made much. When the Buddha statues by the appropriate lighting in the scene are used or the gravel in the Zen style of stylish Recessed floor luminaires will be earmarked, which gives a special atmosphere. Take advantage of outdoor spotlights, floor lamps, Earth spike luminaire, walkway lights or various pond or water lighting underwater spotlight, solar flares, LED light rings or floating solar fountains for your exotic ridges.

Lighting for the family garden

In a family garden, there are usually a variety activities, because each Member of the family uses the garden in its very own way. A versatile lighting is all the more important to take advantage of all of the important areas in the dark. The vegetable beds supplied for example practically with solar energy and motion, while the numerous ornamental plants through scenic lighting come to the fore. Wall lights and table lamps, floor lamps and mosaic lamps patio lamps belong to the lighting tips for the family garden. Also decorative luminaires are suitable. Fairy Lights suitable for parties.

Not only for many types of lighting, but also for a radio or the Smartphone power is required. Energy distributors in stone or wood finish create an elegant solution for your garden.