Fight The Winter Blues: Light The Gloomy Sentiment Distribute

Not so easy to stay in January at whim: just an hour on the day of the Sun is reflected in our latitudes in the first month of the year! And if it seems, then ten times weaker than in the period between May and August. No wonder that our mood suffers. Not only in January, our melatonin levelsrise during the whole dark season. We feel tired, sleep less and tend to depressive mood. Luckily we can crack down on the winter blues with a few tricks!

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With day light and colours brighten up everyday life

The light not coming to us, we come to the light – this is fact. If we adjust the installation of our furniture in the sunlight, we can achieve much. Is the seating area for example closer to the window, we receive more light. In the kitchen, a mobile folding table breakfast is a good purchase, with whose help we can – breakfast direction sunlight unless the kitchen table is not already in the window.

A bright room where all tone on tone presents itself? Elegant, but rather boring. We create a homelike atmosphere that ensures positive feelings, when we play a bit with colors. Patterned cushions, colorful images, a bright rug – yellow, Orange and red tones reminiscent of lighter periods and spontaneously brighten our mood.

Attractively combine light sources at the interior lighting

Light not only helps us to stay in a good mood. A sufficient and well-thought-out interior lighting also ensures good feel mood and is an effective mood maker in the winter! Modern lamps and lighting concepts also take into account psychological factors – so have a positive influence on our well-being. The best results can achieve with a mixture of various light sources: from a general lighting and several accent lights that create small islands of light and make for comfort. At living light, different lighting ideas, good mood creating a homely illuminating present themselves. Even the color temperature of the light bulb next to the light is crucial: A cold, bluish light makes more awake, has a reddish warm light enveloping and calming effect. The mood with the right lighting design a good idea – and a super cure for the winter blues light – in the dark winter months in any case.

Image credit: CC0 public domain / pixabay