“Curl My Light” – Modern Table Lamp By Dima Loginoff

modern table lamp blackModern table lamp by Dima Loginoff

Well, the Russian designer Dima Loginoff began his career in the field of interiors. He won second prize for his “curl my light’ lamp on the international design awards in Los Angeles. This modern lamp has a construction of loops and curls. The snake light is a different interpretation of this lighting style and can be used hanging lamp. It has a number of larger Strip. Loginoff has created this unique and tasteful lamp style, which is his time ahead cool. Do you like this interesting lamp designs?

This lamp has a construction of loops and curls

modern table lamp white loop

An elegant lighting style

modern table lamp Rosa Grün Braun

A number of larger yellow stripemodern table lamp yellow

An attractive lighting modern table lamp yellow loop modern table lamp black create a welcoming atmosphere with this table lampa unique lighting idea modern table lamp light blacka colorful chandelier refreshed the Interior

modern colorful ceiling chandelier

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