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Although light is nothing tangible, it undoubtedly plays a fundamental importance in life. Equally of course, when it comes to housing. An optimal to have balanced lighting, home brings more comfort and serene atmosphere with in the atmosphere. While experts advise always to pay attention to a balanced relationship between daylight and artificial lighting, as well as to ensure evenly scattered on the living space for multiple light sources in your own four walls. Some time has passed since Edison’s invention and the bulb has undergone a remarkable evolution. Technical innovation and stylish design nowadays always go hand in hand with modern lighting. The list of talented, world-class designers in terms of “Light” is quite long and colorful. Different styles and ways of thinking play a certain role in the different time periods and shape the Zeitgeist in a stylish manner. In fashion, as well as in the design there is not “the best” or “the best,” because it’s not a competition, but above all to art and beauty.

modern lighting fabbian beluga white

Nevertheless, there are already trends and unwritten laws in these areas, which are considered to be the term for high class and excellent quality. So “Made in Italy” is that for example – logo. Take the brand of Fabbian which can look back on a tradition of more than 39 years and presents one of the leading companies in the lighting industry. Every single product of that mark can be immediately beat the heart of every lover of the Italian culture of light. As well, it was also our hearts, as we the Fabbian Beluga White Designtischlampe by Marc Sadler have discovered in the online shop LampCommerce . There you will find not only more timeless design classics and classic chandelier, but also numerous modern lamps, outdoor – and LED lights. Depending on the style and personal preference, one is able to very quickly and easily, to obtain the desired lighting.

modern lighting fabbian beluga series

In our case, it was this beautiful lamp creation, which is equipped with a chic, round diffuser made of opal glass. This eco-friendly and durable material here looks quite elegant with its noble optics and fits into any modern interior. The combination with trendy, shiny chrome, the frame is made from which, gives a refined charm table lamp and makes them a preferred choice not only for the desk in the Office, but also on the side table in the living room or as a reading lamp by the bed.

modern lighting fabbian beluga white table light

If you are now also looking for a table lamp, embodies the simple elegance and modern sophistication, then you should look at times everything in LampCommerce alone.

Who knows? Maybe you are calculated there find it.

modern lighting fabbian beluga pendant

modern lighting fabbian beluga whithe pendant lamp