Simple Pleasures: You Make Dinner In The Kitchen

dinner in the kitchen of black panel door bread

Simple pleasures: you make dinner in the kitchen

What can be as enjoyable as a dinner with friends in the kitchen? Some dinner party, or just a casual meeting, so a matter people totally loosens up.

You feel immediately comfortable and cozy, just the host is under strong pressure. I’m always surprised how many people in a small kitchen can fit. So everyone has a kitchen that needs our article! Because there’s some tips on how you can make the dinner more practical and yet comfortable.

Make it special! Write a menu!

Specially not just completely fell out! Make a main dish and any inserts, and some little cracker, you can eat right away.

Not stress are! Select something, what you had previously prepared or tried out and you will be more relaxed… So the hospitality is easier also just.

After the menu is finished, make everything official and write it on a bulletin board.

Like to cook in a cozy kitchen

dinner in the kitchen bar stools chandelier wood cabinet cooker

Start with a clean, clutter-free kitchen

Run the dishwasher once and clean all the things. Take away the garbage. Hide all unnecessary and not so nice stuff somewhere. If necessary, these items from time to time also under the bed can be. Main thing the kitchen looks nice… At least for one night!

The cutting board, the bowl, the pots, and the Bowl are

dinner in the kitchen marble Pan Board cabinet

The timely preparation of the kitchen will make your chances of success much greater. Assemble your accessories. It is much more practical when the cutting board, the bowl, the pots and the mixing bowl located in the same place.

Choose the best cookware that you can put the oven directly on the table. Check all recipes which you will be using and do a little prep work. So you make life easier for themselves afterwards.

Arrange the products which you will use for the dinner nice

dinner kitchen wood table Chair pumpkins chandelier cooker

Create a natural decoration.

Seek out some fresh spices and thus make a bowl. Much would help a container of pumpkin and a vase with simple flowers from the garden outside or out of the market in the vicinity.

Do you have time for this? Don’t worry about it. Nice, arrange the products which you will use for the dinner. This ornament is completely sufficient. If you have a garden, you can get always very quickly a few missing products or decoration to.

Soft, shimmering light makes the kitchen look beautiful

dinner kitchen chandeliers kitchen island table Chair

Provide additional light

The soft, shimmering light makes everyone look beautiful and hidden some defects that should rather go unnoticed. The ambient lighting to keep during cooking. But then you should switch to alternatives. Here are a few ideas:

-If your ambient lights have a twilight effect, then use these

-If the lights are bad and unpleasant the atmosphere do you make what additional

-Bring small table lamps with weak light bulbs for a nice ambient light

-Add a few wire Cafe lights over the table, or on the kitchen island.

-Distribute candles everywhere

How do you find this kitchen design?

dinner in the kitchen wood table Chair chandelier couch

Have snacks ready

Get all too much trouble with the preparation of many dishes with special appetizers. Some Bowl with olives, nuts and cheese would be sufficient.

Play with the height of setting to achieve a beautiful and interesting design.

Here is a special idea: distribute some beautiful starters on cheese platters of marble or wood, wood sticks or kitchen dishes. Distribute cheese sticks or slices of bread in jars. Spread olives and nuts in ramekins or narrow bowls.

Distribute some beautiful starters on cheese platters of marble or wood, wood sticks or kitchen plates

dinner in the kitchen wooden chair chandelier kitchen island

Option 1. To get the food from the bar

Do you have a bar or a kitchen island at home? Now you can immediately organize a dinner at the corner. If you like to demonstrate the art of cooking, and distribute the Leckerreien, as soon as they are ready.

If you are planning more interactive cooking, take time to clean up before sitting at the table.

Put a few candles and a vase of flowers before your friends come

dinner kitchen wood table Chair chandelier flowers couch

Variant 2. sitting at the kitchen table

The breakfast table is a natural place where you could sit down to dinner. Before your friends come, put a few candles and a vase of flowers. So you will give a sign, this is the table for dinner. It should prepare the table in advance, but it’s fun to put together some tasks.

Make small square cards

dinner cuisine cup flowers

Prepare a simple, yet quite special table.

Just because it is a casual dinner, it does not mean that the level can be expensive. Make small square cards, exhibiting some of the pieces of your favorite dishes and take out the heirlooms.

In some details, you could show a little more modesty. So you might put down for example your silverware in a tea Tin and flowers in a glass.

A sumptuous couch impresses your guests in the kitchen

dinner in the kitchen couch cushion table image white Cabinet chandelier

Bring furniture from another room

A soft carpet or seat can be wonderful, if you have the space for it. A separate place can serve some friends who want to talk, while the others are cooking.

You could also simply roll out a carpet, which does not fit to the kitchen, and thus to brighten the atmosphere.

Show creativity in the Design your kitchen

dinner kitchen table Chair cabinet

Show creativity in covering the tables with colored table cloths

If you eat at the bar, you have to equip them with small tablecloths. Actually you need not cover even the kitchen table. But, if you insist, here are a few ideas for you:

Take a not very expensive, but nice-looking fabric and cut them off. This can serve as a table runner and table cloth.

Cover the table with Brown butcher paper

Plates and cups are available on open shelves

dinner kitchen plate

Take notes

At some point, everything is over, the guests have gone home and the table plates are washed. Now you would have to take the time and write down, what is good and what went badly.

Write everything on best also who it was and what the person ate.

Do you like the rustic ambience?

dinner kitchen rustic wood table Chair fireplace plate

Dream in big dimensions

Did you like this event taken place at your home? Then make a plan for the repetition. Maybe you can make dinner in a different House every time! We hope you enjoy it!

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