Original Accessories Collection For Your Kitchen Plants Of Cult Design

original accessories collection for the kitchens of plants

Original accessories collection for food plants

Cult Design allows you to grow any plant you wish to have on the kitchen counter. Maybe are the herbs your favorite flowers? Kitchen agriculture collection is a product line name tags for the identification of plants consisting of a selection of terracotta and ceramic pots in various sizes and in a variety of metal herb. Why do you think this collection is better than usual planters? Because it Evergreen herbal pot and Grow Green consists of a self-watering – a box, where growing shoots and sprouts. Let the whole year about awakening, what you want and your salad will be always fresh and well seasoned!

Culinary herbs – square tasteful Keramiktöpfeoriginal accessories collection many square pots with herbs

So your Basil looks particularly elegant

originals of accessories everything for the kitchen plant Basil

Terra cotta and white

original accessories collection connected many square pots

Green beans fit perfectly into the graduated container in

original collection green beans

Cress and Mungobohnenkaime on the kitchen balcony

original collection for germs and cross

Healthy breakfast with fresh herbs

original accessories collection herbs for breakfast

original accessories collection many square pots everything for the kitchen plants need

Ceramic pots in white and terracotta – mirrored

original collection many square pots shiny white and ceramic stylish stacked ceramic container

original accessories collection great ceramic container

Two pots in a white, shiny container

original collection many square pots two in one

Great two-part set for your green

originals of accessories many square pots two parts