Kitchen Equipment – New Ideas For The Design Of A Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen design with a dominant accent

How do we design a modern kitchen without any stress? How can everything be completed and up to date without wasting too much time and resources for design solutions?

It goes through the highlight of a dominant element. This determines the character of the space. The rest can be neutral, to bring the importance of this major piece of furniture more to the fore.

Kitchen in grey

kitchen set up modern grey

Raised and at the same time not too dark – grey is the new black. With different shades and textures, this color is widely used in modern kitchens. You can among other things with natural materials like stone and wood combine. Thus also the perfect choice for an eclectic kitchen is grey.

Kitchen equipment – the emerald green is an original idea

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A more natural and practical colour is emerald green. It provides feminine, welcoming touches. Experience perfect relaxation by combining with white and Brown. For the accents in the room, you can select similar shades it. One is blue. Its mixed nature, it allows emerald green to combine natural and artificial textures in the kitchen.

Shelves made of copper

interior design ideas kitchen design

The simple kitchen facilities, even though she is a bit old, can modernize itself more easily than you might think. You can drag copper shelf space no matter what style it is executed, as accents in consideration. Whose glory will spice up your look and brighten.

Kitchen equipment – accents made of sheet

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Modern kitchens with metal accents have a similar atmosphere. While the last few carefully selected items should restrict itself. You can shape about the edges of the haze trigger or the fittings of the kitchen cabinets.

Original window design

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Do you have the ability to break new openings for light in your kitchen? Round window can work there like jewels in the room! How it looks with nautical design?

Refresh the Cabinet front doors

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The front doors of the cabinets can with a slight adjustment of the color completely transform and renovate. You can a bit more vibrant or relaxing effect. In addition, such aesthetic changes can immediately such as brand new work the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets on the wall to make disappear

interior design kitchen set white

Need plenty of storage space and want to have at the same time more Visual tread in the room? That will be combined wonderfully with each other about.  Simply run the cabinets in the paint and leave so they disappear from the point of view. White or bright colors are ideal for this purpose. Modern kitchens in these shades can be found more and more often. You can run some of the details of the institution, about the legs in brown color. This will immediately serve as a strong accents and so the whole image looks incredibly harmonious.

Kitchen equipment – exotic wood creates a unique atmosphere

exotic wood kitchen set

Choose an exotic type of wood for your kitchen, reached a classical and at the same time very original look. Cypress can be as wonderfully combined with modern materials for the countertops.

A new trend prevails – grey in the kitchen

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Combine green with wooden elements, to produce a calming effect

kitchen design ideas interior design

By copper elements, your kitchen Gets a shiny and neat appearance

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Metal shelves fit every kitchen

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Decorate the kitchen window – easily and creatively

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Give your old and used Kücheneinrichung a fresh and modern look!

kitchen set refresh new make

Create more space!

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Classic and modern!

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