Installation Type Depending On Your Style Of Cooking And Washing Up Sinks

kitchen sink of installation type kitchen cabinetKitchen sinks of installation type

After deciding on the material of your next kitchen sink, you must consider the design. There are four basic categories of installation types:

Farmhouse kitchen sinks have a wide, exposed front and are usually quite far and deep.

Pedestal sinks are mounted under the work surface for a clean look.

Built-in sinks are up or mounted above the countertop.

Sinks, integrated into the worktop, are made of the same material as the countertop as a seamless piece of plate.

The aesthetics and the price are often critical for the decision. The sinks are the cheapest option, because you can install it themselves in a not expensive laminate countertop. The pedestal sinks & farmhouse sinks request often professional installation, and can be mounted only in stable and pore-free countertop material, what still increases the price of the project. The integrated kitchen sinks are usually the most expensive type due to material price and production.

Built-in sinks are on or above the countertop-mounted

kitchen sink of installation type staircase cooker kitchen

Farmhouse sink

These charming kitchen sinks are suitable for traditional or country style kitchen, with its exposed front edges and potential for decorative details. They are typically wider, deeper and harder than the other types, so at least 0.90 cm cabinets are requested.

Of course these rinsing not only for kitchens in the farmhouse style or old world style are suitable. Today there are many modern versions of the farmhouse sink, like the beauty of brushed stainless on the image. The traditional sinks are a pool, but here we have a version with two sinks.

These are definitely attractive sink, but if you would like to consider them for your kitchen, some aspects should be taken into account. In the front, you can easily break a dish or a glass.If you have a version made of stainless steel or copper, beware of scratching in the front apron through the metal buttons or belt buckle of your jeans. And if the sink is not under (the countertop extends edge over the sinks), water and dirt in the connection between the basin and the countertop is collected.

These charming kitchen sinks are suitable for the traditional style kitchens

kitchen sink of installation type kitchen

Pedestal sinks

This is my favorite. I like the clean look, the design of the sink makes it also easy to care for. You can use any robust and pore-free countertop, such as natural stone, concrete, Quartz. Wood panels would also be possible, but you must protect the wood from water well. There are also manufacturers of laminate countertops, which claim that they are suitable also for pedestal sinks. Consult the hardware store, to clarify whether this is an option for you.

Stone, concrete, Quartz are used

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According to the pedestal sink could be seen more or less from the sink over the edge of the countertop. At best it would be a seamless connection between the plate and the sink, if nothing is seen, so. So, the system is easily cleaned because there is no water and dirt collected. There is also a variant where the countertop is higher than the flushing of RAND. A distance of 3 mm or less would be good, but if it’s bigger, then the danger in breaking of dishes is. So you can’t see also the CAP between the countertop and the sink.

This sink can create atmosphere welcoming eien

kitchen sink of installation type greenold oak is typical of the rustic style

kitchen sink of installation type old wood greena stylish kitchen design

kitchen sink of installation type wood kitchen island Cabinet

Built-in sink

This is a popular low-cost solution because it goes with porous countertops (like wood or laminate) or flushing for a vintage look is suitable for used vintage.

These sinks are mounted in a section on the work surface and sealed on the corner between the sink and the countertop. The obvious disadvantage of the sinks is that the raised edge with washing off the dirt directly into the sink flows as it is with the pedestal sink.The pedestal sinks have a clean, minimalist look and the sinks are attractive, they are suitable for kitchens in rustic and country style. Like the farmhouse sinks, sinks can be a real eye-catching decorative element in the kitchen.

A seamless connection between the plate and the sink

kitchen sink of installation type white

Basins integrated in the worktop

If you want a striking not sink and you plan a countertop made of stone, metal, mineral material or quartz, consider an integrated sink. The manufacturer of the worktop simply forms a basin in the material. The look is very clean and flawless – perfect for contemporary kitchens.

On the screen we see a close-up as a sink. These sinks have no angle and as a result are very easy to care for.

The integrated basin are the most expensive type of Assembly, because it special are usually made. The material, manufacture and installation are expensive. But it is a great option for those who can afford it.

Tell us: which type of installation do you like best?

kitchen sink of installation type steel of a countertop made of stone, metal, mineral material or quartz

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