How Your Dark Laundry Room Brights

laundry room bright greenHow to brighten up your dark laundry room

I was thinking this place the lighting in my apartment last! Are you exactly? It connects the washroom anyway mostly nothing good, but only with dirty clothes. It washes and folds the clothes there, irons, sorts and collects the entire cleaning products. Also at this time you want to feel good or?

You could improve the aesthetics here, too much!

Finally, you and your family are very often, or? Want to play with bright colours and absolutely comfortably not the washroom?

We want to help you through this article here.

Why not opt for cabinets in colorful colors?

laundry brightening blue Cabinet

In a creative way, bring more colors in your laundry room

You have certainly the painting of the living quarters, the bedroom and the kitchen thought of, or? What’s the washroom? It has already proven the positive effect of colours on the human senses.

Here, you can integrate different shades already through the equipment, furniture and accessories.

Why not opt for cabinets in colorful colors? The manufacturer of kitchen appliances have trendy shades such as red, blue, silver or perhaps lime?

Turquoise is my favorite choice!

Hang matching curtains to the remaining equipment on your window

laundry Brights yellow Cabinet

Contribute to more natural light in your bathroom!

Do you have a window in your bathroom? You are a lucky dog! Make the best of it! Hang matching curtains to the remaining equipment on your window and this will bring a lot fresh mood in the room.

If you have a sitting area next door, necessarily combine its equipment with that of the washing area.

Use a similar color palette in the two rooms. You can do this through the use of various accessories, fabrics and some cushions.

Lighting mounted on the ceiling or a small table lamp creates a warm feeling in your laundry room. Here, I would give up the fluorescent lamp, because this can make the atmosphere very bleak.

A place where you hate to go is your laundry? You can change that and really enjoyable to spend there spent minutes. Hopefully we have to motivate you through the above ideas. We wish you much fun.

Tineke Triggs, Melissa Lenox design, Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc