Glass Cabinets And Showcases For The Modern Kitchen

glass cabinets above aluminium handles

Give your kitchen more apparent through glass cabinets

If you want to introduce more shine and glow in your kitchen, you can reach it through glass cabinets or display cases. Glass fascinates us for centuries and has an important role in our lives. In the Interior, glass brings a refreshing and radiant touch.  You can feel perfectly well also when setting up the kitchen. Glass cabinets are much brighter and more familiar as an opaque series of cabinets, which seem more like a wall. There are three things to note if you choose the place for glazed kitchen cabinets – glass type and what is stored in it.

It is advisable to place glass cabinets or display cases, where it can be used as eye-catcher especially since. It is not said that you should set up symmetrically. Mainly wall cabinets are suitable for the glazing, but of course also cabinets or built-in cabinets in an kitchen island for example. What kind of glass you prefer depends on what you want to keep in glass cabinets. If you put up beautiful dishes, then you should select transparent, clear glass. Otherwise, the matte glass is recommended. In traditional or vintage design, the glass cabinets are equipped with leaded glass. This type of glass has the advantage to be shiny and strong.

For the order and the decoration in glass cabinets yourself, you can give free rein to your creation and design everything according to your own taste. Here, we show you 20 chic ideas for the kitchen with glass cabinets. Have fun planning!

Through the clear glass radiate the fresh color accents of the harness

glass cabinets white vintage crockery turquoise green

Matt gloss has a discreet and also has its advantages

glass cabinets lift door frosted glass chrome

Bright and transparent open-plan

sideboards filigree Matt robust wooden beams columns

Mid-century flair

glass cabinets off-white ceiling high

Modern and discreet with glass cabinets

glass cabinets cupboard sliding door frosted glass

Illuminated cabinets make your kitchen look homely

glass cabinets kitchen island China Cabinet

Kitchen rear wall of frosted glass kitchen cabinets

glass cabinets frosted glass interior light

Cooling in blue green and Matt

Cabinet frosted wall Cabinets

Minimalist and artful

glass cabinets minimalist clear glass white black

Ergonomic and spacious

glass Walnut cabinets metal handles

L shaped kitchen design with style

glass frosted glass cabinets wall cabinets

Zest for life and peace

glass cabinets wall cabinets white frosted glass

Tradition and comfort

sideboards pendant floral patterned fabric

Frosted glass is also very elegant

black fronts Cabinet frosted glass

Rustic meets vintage

glass cabinets showcase old-fashioned beige

Very flexible display cases

glass cabinets cabinets century Center

Symmetry and order

glass cabinets cabinets white transparent glass

Dynamic look with striped glass

glass cabinets white striped glass