Device Solutions For Small Room: Hidden Kitchens Of Mahon Design

easy white modern hidden kitchensHidden kitchens are a very interesting idea

Mahon design wanted to represent the available space in this small house as large as it had all hands in more ways than one. Designers have started quite late with the project after the customers had lost confidence in the previous project manager. But more importantly, that they had to work with a very small and Compact modern room, which had a sumptuous cuisine needed to be integrated seamlessly with the adjacent living room.

See the furniture in this small kitchen

living room table couch hidden kitchens

A table with ten seats in the heart of the kitchen, sleek and ergonomic kitchen shelves, which ensure that the interior spaces open and airy would look, a plush couch, a few large armchairs and a 160-cm plasma TV with all the gizmos and gadgets to be foreseen, built with minimal effort into this plan, which includes kitchen, dining area and living room. That sounds indeed like a daunting task, but as final result, which is “raised” by Mahon design seems to have trumped the disadvantages in an exquisite way of fashion.

The stairs are well lit

stairs white modern glass hidden kitchens

The elegant and modern white cabinets in the kitchen are a pleasure for the eyes, even if the kitchen shelves on the walls disappear when they are not needed.

Here is a marble table

stylish kitchen design

“Through the painting of the rest of the House in a similar shade of white, seem the cabinets as a natural extension of the walls.”

The wood decor in the kitchen is very modern

cabinets kitchen dining table Chair

Also the fridge and the wine storage area follow the same path, while the Royal marble table in the dining room just steals the show allen, with his remote-controlled extension that pops out only when needed. It is an innovative addition that solves problems of too much space.

There’s also bookshelves

kitchen shelves Cabinets kitchen

Cool, chic and charming it looks here, after you added so much beauty this little apartment. The Designer work is a wonderful tutorial on how to find perfect solutions for compact space problems.

Cool, chic and charming it looks here

cabinets kitchen shelves kitchen ChairWhite is the best color for the kitchen Cabinets kitchen shelves plush couch Chair kitchen kitchen shelves Cabinets kitchenthe elegant and modern white cabinets in the kitchen are a pleasure for the eyes these ideas can be brought to you by the benefit cabinets kitchen white glass modern sofa living room blackhere you can see the living room and the dining room wood chairs fit the kitchen design modern kitchen tablewood and white are a good combination marble dining table Chairhide your kitchen kitchen whitealso make a beautiful vase in the kitchen kitchen white interior designfeel comfortable in this small space small kitchen design you can not advise that a kitchen is herelighting kitchen white

white cabinets kitchen create these ideas home