A Great Kitchen – Rau Crafted Maintains The Tradition

great kitchen shelves white cooker Cabinet plate cupsA great kitchen – Rau crafted maintains the tradition

In today’s post, the speech will be by a family which century wanted to preserve the authentic character of their house from the 20th. You have renounced modern elements to a large extent in favor of tradition. More specifically we’re talking today of this family’s kitchen.

You have not connected the dining and kitchen area, but get the compact design of the kitchen. In their structure, also the eating place remained unchanged at the end of the House.

The cabinets, the appliances and the previous kitchen shelves have been replaced. The new equipment is modern and at the same time due to the classic structure.

You will find classic white cabinets, block-like counters and plain tiles on the back wall in the kitchen. The dining area is filled with light. It gives the room a fresh, timeless look.

Replaced were the cabinets, the appliances and the previous kitchen shelves

great kitchen shelves white Cabinet wood flooring

The kitchens at a glance.

Who lives here: A young couple

Location: Washington, D.C.

Designer: Leroy Johnson and his four brothers working group

Size: 18 square meters, including the dining area

The former inhabitants had renovated the kitchen and received it in very good condition. But the design did not suit the taste and the ideas of the new owner. We wanted to achieve a fresh and at the same time traditional feeling. It has accomplished this by inserting wooden surfaces, traditional devices and a washbasin in the rural style.

Wooden surfaces, traditional devices and a sink in the rural style

great kitchen sink rack white cooking plate cups

Of course, the upper kitchen cabinets were a problem. Therefore we opted for use on open shelves. So, you can easily have frequently used utensils.

Here you can see the super original idea of the house owner with regard to the design of the rear panel. You have created simple tiles in a cross shape. This arrangement has many advantages. First, super fit to the General colour design of the room. Still, it fits to the vintage style. Last but not least, the affordable price has allowed attaching to ceiling height.

By removing the cabinets at the top you lose some space there. But the couple was not all too many worried. It’s a budget for two people and they take so much space in the kitchen. Wide and deep drawers on both sides proved to be more than enough.

The dining area was preserved in the given form. It serves as an occasional addition to the main dining room.

By the corner window of the room feels warm and inviting.

The upper kitchen cabinets were a problem of course

great white kitchen cabinet

Now let’s look at the floor plan of the House. The niche is located in one of the back corners and opens to the dining area. Although the layout is pretty tight, he is quite functional due to the three Division.

A comfortable seating area by the window

great kitchen wood Bank round table lamp

In the previous plan, which you can see now, the refrigerator was in the dining area. The designer Leroy Johnson has brought but him in the corner, to facilitate access to. The freed space now serves as the Chamber of the arrangement.

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