The Perfect Cellar For Your Living Space

Cellar and expand the living space for the whole family

The cellar facility is a very tricky task. There are so many elements to hide. Often such rooms are gloomy and feel constricted. They continue to have whimsical floor plans and generally bring us negative thoughts. However, interior designers have proved that such a room could also be transformed into a very comfortable living room.

Why should you set up the basement comfortably?

In recent years, the cellar has become a much sought-after task for innersigners. Firstly, larger premises of this kind could become a favorable place to live. In addition, beautifully furnished cellars provide a welcome addition to a family’s home.

A clear vision

Do not leave anything to chance at the cellar. You should have a clear idea of ​​the desired outcome in advance. Only best-designed plans can, for example, illuminate such a gloomy room and make the living in it beautiful and pleasant.

The cellar should have a thought-out vision

Kitchen and living room in the cellar

The feeling of luxury

At the cellar, the interior designers always recommend the pursuit of a luxury feeling. Remember, if you plan your setup ideas. The feeling of luxury is almost the only safe way to secure a good atmosphere in such a closed and dark room. Practical and inexpensive, the furniture can still be – it is not the big investment, but the application of suitable materials and design strategies.

Accents and sculptures ensure the luxury feeling

Accents in the room are important for the cellar

A fireplace

In view of the natural conditions of a cellar room, a fireplace is practically indispensable for the comfortable interior furnishing. This is also the first furnishing element, which can provide you with luxury in the room. Choose marble or another precious stone for its furnishings. Alternatively, you can opt for decorative cladding with matching aesthetics.

If desired, the cellar can be made more appealing with a decorative panel

Beautifully dressed fireplace in the basement

Put an accent in the room

The beautifully clad fireplace can also be an accent in the room. You may also assign this task to another facility element. In all cases, however, it should radiate warmth and luxurious comfort. Let us also introduce the main color palette of the room through this accent. If the fireplace is clad in gray marble, similar nuances could dominate the rest of the cellar.

Design the cellar room to your taste

Beautiful kitchen furniture as a second living room

Emphasize the windows

Even if the windows in a room are quite small, they should be quite present. Even the little light illuminates the room and makes it much more comfortable. For example, the floor space below the window should be kept as low as possible. This is the best way to distribute a few lights so that you have at least one area in the room that is always bright. Opposite the windows, mirror surfaces and mirrors would be quite useful for the propagation of the light.

The bright cellar is recommended

Cellar design design example

Fill the unfavorable corners with exciting functions

There are always these tricky corners and niches in the cellar. At first glance, they appear as if they are not good enough, and they are often perceived as useless. Just unfold your creativity! Play areas, sitting areas and workspaces with custom furniture are just a part of the ideas for this zone of the cellar facility. This makes their use not only practical, but also exciting. Such cleverly designed, tricky spots are often the most popular places for house residents.

You should make the useless space in the cellar creative

The feeling of luxury should have the cellar furnishings

The place under the stairs

Another tricky zone for the children’s furniture is the space under the stairs. Whether you believe it or not, the designers love working in these places in the house. To think out practical arrangements or to create a comfortable workspace is like finding a treasure for these artistic minds. One possible idea would be to place a kitchen corner or a bar. This way you have integrated this important function into the room and at the same time separated it visually from the rest. With a glittering back wall you illuminate the whole cellar and contribute to its luxury appearance.

Under the stairs you can place your choice of sofa

Kinoraum and LED design as decoration for the cellar

Light and simple design of the adjacent utility rooms

Bathrooms, laundries and other adjoining rooms must not be neglected at the cellar. Here, however, you can calmly put on the simple yet glossy and light design, with white tiles working there. In order to connect this room to the luxurious interior in the cellar, you can opt for a somewhat sophisticated, artistic floor design.

The cellar should have a luxurious appearance

Interior design cellar

Not very expensive, but upscale and bright – so you could describe a successful cellar. Use your own ideas.

The design can be done according to your own taste

Accents in the room are important for the cellar

The cellar room could also be designed as a recreation room for the children

Recreation room and playground for the children in the cellar

The color of the year Greenery is also current in the cellar room

Greenery color as a cellar

Place a billiard table in the recreation room

Good design of a cellar facility

You should also keep in mind the individual wall design

Works in the cellar as decoration

The cellar room could also look modern as a children’s room

Staircase design in the basement