Open Space Planning – Clever And Practical Interior Design!

How do you imagine the perfect interior? Maybe a combination of current design trends and open spatial planning – clever and practical interior design! It has already been tested in the course of time, the open space planning ensures a smart home decor. More and more people are looking for a cheerful atmosphere in the interior and try to organize a practical room planning with clever ideas. In this context, we would like to share with you some tips that will make for a cozier design.

Practical and comfortable

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Clever sharing the room

What do you appreciate about the open space planning? This variant is one of the clever ones design ideas and enjoys a growing popularity. Even in the designer world, these models are increasingly seen. Rather, it is about connecting multiple rooms in one with a clear goal – more practical use of the apartment.

In this context, we can say that this furnishing idea also forms a brighter lighting design. Avoiding walls will provide you the cozy atmosphere. This does not mean that your apartment should look like a single room, but quite the opposite.

Enjoy the bright side of your apartment

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Curtains replace the walls

Three options are available to you if you want privacy. In the first place, the curtains are determined as a practical idea. For example, you can separate the bedroom from the living room. This creates an elegant room division that is even better than a”boring”wall. The advantages of using curtains are that these textiles can be changed regularly to your taste.

Enjoy your privacy anytime

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Traditional glass wall or glass partition in industrial look?

The individual rooms could also be separated by a glass wall. This is considered an alternative to the design with curtains, but is also an expensive option. This idea is great for the winter season, because the heat is thus kept clever in the room. The floor to ceiling glass walls can be fixed or fitted with a mechanism that provides a practical opening. Many homeowners combine the glass walls with curtains that can be mounted from the back. You can use more than two glass partitions in your home as soon as there is enough space for positioning.

Enjoy the practical room planning

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The last variant belongs to the best designer idea for the year 2017 and ensures a great interest also this year. The glass partition in the industrial look seems to be a perfect design idea for open space planning. This partition is a metal construction made of raw steel. The design gives the entire apartment an industrial look. The partition wall is welded to the frame like T-profiles and the double-leaf doors are very stable thanks to the angle steel.

Give the apartment an industrial look

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The following ideas will serve as a perfect inspiration for your next projects and renovations. Use the individual design ideas!

The open interior design looks so cozy.

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Create an overview of the whole apartment

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Without partitions and doors, you can also create a modern interior

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3D curtains play an important role when it comes to room distribution

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The open space planning ensures a bright appearance

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Connect the bedroom to the living room

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Enjoy the benefits of open space planning

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