How To Use 18 M2 Clever – Set Up A Small Apartment

Do you know how to set up a 18 m2 small apartment and use the spatial restriction cleverly? But before you think about it, we would like to introduce you to an apartment that is one of the best interior design ideas in the world. 18 m2 are pretty little when it comes to comfort and luxury. In addition to the elegant look, this small apartment even offers the possibility of setting up a beautiful kitchen, home office and an elegant sleeping bed. Learn more about this unique project!

Set up a small apartment and organize the perfect room planning

Everything in one – how are you?

After you have a closer look at the first picture, you will find that this is a large room height. This feature is of great importance to the project because the sleeping bag has been cleverly used in this trick. Only then is it possible to position all the necessary pieces of furniture in this room.

Every corner is very strategically designed and plays an important role in the compact design. The following picture presents the sketch of the small apartment. Right next to the shelf is the practical kitchen, which unfortunately is missing on the picture. At first glance, housing planning looks like child’s play. But this type of home decor is realized with the help of many important details. The strategic positioning of the individual pieces of furniture is particularly important for the everyday organization. Much of these small living spaces are rented by students and the furnishings should meet their modest needs.

Unbelievable how professionally the 18 square meters are designed

The absolute highlight of the small apartment is the sleeping bed or better said the loft bed. A sturdy wooden and steel construction creates a beautiful bed just above the entrance. The wood ornaments provide a natural look and can be combined with other elements in the room, such as the shelf and the table. The shelf has a multifunctional role – stairs and storage space in one! This clever idea ensures a great interest in the designer world. The shelf is also reduced to the essentials: elegant appearance and strategic room planning. Particularly effective is the handrail, which also takes on the role of an elegant picture bar. Clever, right?

This is how the multifunctional pieces of furniture look! A clever decision of the designer!

Working in small rooms

The designer of this small apartment obviously had several goals. Optimal working and learning at home belongs to this list. The apartment has a large office table with natural and artificial lighting design. The wood look remains dominant for a large part of the furniture in the room. There is also a dining table and a small seating area that could be used for various purposes.

The beautiful combination of trendy pieces of furniture give the small apartment style

A perfectly designed kitchen with LED strips and stylish wall tiles

Everything you need in a 18 m2 apartment

Use minimalist pieces of furniture with wood ornaments

The natural light design gives the room a bright look

Give the apartment a natural look

Who wants to furnish his small apartment clever, needs a large selection of stylish furniture