Gabions In The Interior – This Is How It Looks!

Gabions… An important part of any modern garden design. Every garden owner wants a complete design of natural stones that ensure enormous stability. But in our article today, our editorial team would like to analyze an untypical question more precisely, namely: Can the gabions also be used in the interior setting?

We provide you with the positive aspects of the Gabions and which application areas fit the attractive design.

Gabion wall with LED lighting – a chic combination


A major advantage of this interior and exterior design is that the filling of the grill boxes offers a rich color palette. So you have an enormous selection of about 30 stone types, which can be combined with different wall designs. Most of the boxes come without the filling and the color, size, grain and variety of the stones can be easily selected according to your taste.

Natural look with attractive stone varieties


Just like the concrete , The gabions can be perfectly combined with wood optics. This creates a very attractive and natural look. Gabion walls are regarded as the optimal alternative to all conventional fencing in exterior design. Nowadays you can see different variants Gabion walls Also in the interior design. Our tip is to make only one wall with gabs and the result will be absolutely trendy. With a few wire baskets you can upgrade the whole room. The longevity of this decoration is very large. For this reason the Gabions are also very popular this year.

Gabions are also suitable for kitchens, tables and benches. You can use the natural stones as a beautiful disguise. The stability and robustness of the gabions Are among the positive aspects of the design because the high number of weld points ensures optimum flexibility.

Design your kitchen bar to your own taste


There is a big difference between gabions in the exterior design and these in the interior. In the interior design, you should check the maintenance of the stones well and regularly. If you have already decided on an individual design with Gabions, then you should have a clear strategy for the project. You can choose between finished gabs, which can be delivered on site, or you can build the wire baskets themselves. Regardless of which version you choose, you should clean the stones very carefully with water. It is recommended to rinse each stone thoroughly with water. The reason for this is that dust collects in the interior, which is formed by the gabions. This can lead to serious health problems, such as allergies.

Gabions – a trend that offers countless possibilities for interior and exterior design. Our editorial team will provide you with the most popular examples of indoor interiors. Let yourself be inspired for such room design in your four walls!

Natural stones are one of the most popular stone varieties for gabions




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