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trend colour emerald green ideas

Looking for a favorite color? How about with emerald green?

We go with this article back in time! Yes, we do. Because sometimes it is so in life, that one simply walks past in a hurry on the beautiful things.

Rarely, at least you have the chance to catch up on missed moments sometimes.

A sofa in the trend colour emerald green

emerald-green color In the living room

This is the case also with some colors. Because they were super up-to-date years ago maybe, but we have not noticed. Or we did not appreciate this at the certain moment. But then you find out: this is still my favorite color! Emerald Green was super up-to-date in 2013.

This nuance is modern but still. So, look at this is! Maybe it’s exactly your thing.

You meet every day in the nature the emerald-green color

emerald green as the trend color

Green is the color that actually most are there in the world. We are actually used to meet this nuance, the most in our daily lives. Think of plants, forests and even to all the nuances of green in the sea water.

It is soothing and unique relaxing to the favorite color!

Emerald has the special ability to heavily to bring the good properties of the main nuances.  Through this, you can reach more relaxing, more freedom in the Interior, you will breathe easy even better.

Glamour and chic with emerald green metallic color

trend colour emerald green metallic

How can you combine his favorite color with other shades of emerald green?

Emerald combined with many other colors! But this time everything will entail much more glamour and chic. The color is bright, but the metallic gloss modern acts through. She can sign up through their character beautifully to minimalist rooms.

Set accented by Emerald mural

painting in Trednfarbe emerald green

Ways to introduce the emerald green in your interior design

Emerald Green can naturally fit well in certain areas to the accent wall. However wonderful you thus creating great accents in the room. Think of wall paintings, where certain accessories or items have been carried out in this shade.

Dining table and chairs in your favourite colour

table and chairs in trend colour

Pull Emerald consider also Dining chairs, cutlery and crockery in the dining room in your favorite color. Maybe just a pair of vases in this nuance be enough for you. You can afford to also change in the textures…

Or maybe you have some great jewels in this nuance, which they wanted to make a bit more to the show?

Flaunt favorite decoration

beautiful decoration In the emerald green

Emerald green color you pass through cushions and curtains in the living room

Accessories in trend colour emerald green

Delete the entrance in emerald green

input range in trend colour emerald green

Flash wall color for the living room

Setup with emerald green colour

Living room furniture, which is color-coordinated to the mural

Emerald cooking iDEN of Fürs living room

Beautiful flower vases

great decorations in emerald green

Color combinations for the living room furniture

trend colour emerald green as a wall color

Created Emerald ambiance in the living room

trend colour emerald green as device

The white vases come forth through the emerald-green wall

trend color Smargadgrün color combination

Great Hall painting

wall color in emerald green

By lighting all the nuances of the emerald-green wall color come out

living room wall in emerald-green color