You Can See Incredible Loft In Italy – The Interior

incredible loft Italy lighting lamp living room sofa couch tableYou can see incredible loft in Italy – the Interior

We want to introduce an amazing loft in Italy today. Today, we enjoy the blend of innovation and style in this Italian loft. Designed with the Studio Motta e Sironi, it distinguishes itself by an extraordinary atmosphere. When designing one has served mainly the knowledge of light and space.

Amazing loft in Italy – what is so special in the Interior

1. comfortable couches in the living room

2. high bookshelves

3. modern kitchen and cozy bedroom

4. red light

5. neutral colors

The kitchen features minimalist design

incredible loft in Italy table dining room chair stair

The kitchen features minimalist design. The vivid look was achieved through the combination of soothing white cabinets and floors.

During the day, you benefit from the bright light of day

incredible loft Italy living room coffee table sofa

The picture on the wall creates a striking impression. Seen from afar, you actually did not immediately recognize that it’s a kitchen.

Extravagantly designed living room

incredible loft in Italy shelves sofa table

During the day, you benefit from the bright light of day. This is due to the large Windows. The kitchen is located between the steps and the cabinets. There are also two lamps made of stainless steel. They imitate industrial chimneys and provide the space with an additional light.

High bookshelves stand out in the living room

incredible loft in Italy white couch head fireplace shelves

The living area has a black, as a crane overhanging light installed. You lit the central piece directly. The basic theme of the background is extended in the whole living area. Thanks to the high ceiling you will feel like in a lobby. Many plants for the Interior were placed between the furniture, to freshen the air. Two colorful rugs combine the three shades of the ambience in its design. The white sofas fulfill a similar function thanks to the equipment with decorative pillows in the same three shades.

Many plants for indoor use are placed between the furniture, to freshen the air

incredible loft Italy couch lamp table decoration

Here also the relaxation area is striking. Here is an excellent integrated fireplace. In a shelf of books begins, which extends to the upper floor.

The residents love reading

incredible loft Italy Bike head of light shelves books

But it has high climb often the wooden stairs to get a copy of the amendment to the favorite. This relaxation area is located directly below the bedroom and has two very attractive pillows.

Imagine you have, how you lie and watch TV or movies?

incredible loft Italy stairs table couch

Imagine you have, how you lie and watch TV or movies? Do we close our eyes and moved us mentally into it at this point? I am after a pleasant stay to the upper floor to the sleep high rise… Its interior, you will find an amazing loft in Italy – how?

Grey couch ensures the well-being of the owner

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incredible loft in Italy white coffee table living room of the living area is perfectly illuminated Earth shades in the bedroom give peace incredible loft Italy bed bedroom bedding such as find the Interior? incredible loft Italy Bike racks bedyou like the colors in the Loft? incredible loft Italy kitchen island cooker staircasea white staircase verbinet the floors of the apartment incredible loft Italy stove staircasethe kitchen is tastefully decorated incredible loft Italy plants sink imagegrey surfaces in the kitchen area incredible loft Italy image sink stovestyle and comfort incredible loft Italy stairs kitchen bar stoolwhite shades radiate cleanliness and quiet incredible loft Italy staircase shelves a view from the upper floorincredible loft Italy stairs living room couch table incredible loft Italy door Cabinetdecorations are great to recognize in the Loft

Studio Motta e Sironi

Photos by Adriano Pecchio