Liveable Living In Residential Homes With Residential Values

Stylish interior design your own four walls is the extra bit of aesthetics. High housing values and living qualities depend however next to the style of many other criteria. We explain how they positively affect your quality of life and living.

Objective reference instead of subjective preference

What is the home wohnenswert? So many subjective factors that influence response to this question, so far are single aspects of the quality objective reference values traceable. Überheizten slept in one bedroom, or in a bathroom surrounding showered? Good temperatures are an important point for positive living quality. The optimum room temperatures based on objective benchmarks that are relatively independent of subjective preferences. A separate reference value applies to each room type. Comfortable temperature prevails in the bedroom and kitchen from an objective point of view at around 18 degrees. However, around 23 degrees apply to the bath, living, and children’s room. The ideal temperatures and ideal humidity of around 50 percent, for example, the energy efficiency of the home is objectively measurable. Ever more energy-efficient you used equipment and the construction of the home, the higher the residential value of the living environments in the living room. Equally measurably: The daylight. Penetrates ever more natural light into a room, the higher the feel-good atmosphere and quality of living.

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The combination of lens reference & subjective preference of living and furnishing style

Despite all objective factors determine of course also subjective criteria about the quality of living. Relatively subjective living value criteria are subject to your own taste and personal backgrounds under the main category of living style for example color, lighting, and interior design concepts. Although not everyone in the same style of living comfortable, no one feels well taken invariably in a wild ragtag assortment of furnishings. Basically can’t hurt a certain degree of harmony with regard to materials, colour and furnishing.

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Too subjective, no one should behave in terms of color concept in turn. To improve the quality of living is the color choice for living rooms rather than the own favorite colors or trend colors of a particular year rather have the effect, the color combinations on the psyche and mood. Even when the lighting concept, a balancing act between subjective Stimmungshaftigkeit and objective functionality is required for home interiors with positive living values. Cosy mood light increases the value of living in the living room, perhaps, does not, for example, but in the Office. In addition to light, color, and set up the functional as well as aesthetic layout is last but not least the design of living spaces .

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Living worlds with positive living values require combination genius

High housing values unless you prove in the realization of combination skill have living environments. For example factors such as temperature and efficiency as well decide the quality of living in your own four walls such as lens-to-value criteria, so in addition to the functionality their personal taste, your life situation and your backgrounds. Quality suffers from an aesthetic, but little ergonomic home therefore as much as under an unaesthetic ragtag living style that does not suit your personal taste. Inspiration for the right combination of objective and subjective factors compliant? Well stocked furniture stores give inspirational impulses, as far as the eye can see. Since the exhibition pieces in furniture stores are strictly separated after living world, however no all-round impression can arise. Visit mediated in a model House Park in turn round to impressions with a certain potential for inspiration. When the free ascent of show homes you get a realistic impression of fully furnished houses with positive living values. Get yourself on the pages of Viebrockhaus , for example, an overview of pattern home parks, to bring ideas to the integration of living environments with residential values.

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