Ten Great Colour Combinations, The Surprisingly Good Functioning

great colour combinations bed blue orangeBlue and orange could work wonderfully together, if you use them correctly

I’ve been always a classic Aesthete. I had the great misfortune to attend a college with color combination of blue and orange. It was disgusting enough to see this combination on the uniforms of the Anfeurer. But the big shock came when someone pointed out the entire halls in these shades!

Some combinations seem impossible to be bad. So the pairing of blue and orange. Exactly so bad looks mostly pink me out… Green or pink with blue. Or light pink with some other shade. Thereby, these pairs can work wonderfully. As you will see on the pictures below it’s less on the colors, but the nuances that you choose.

Sorga Blau and orange could work wonderfully together, if you use them correctly. It turns out that there are no bad color combinations. There are only those that have been carried out incorrectly.

Ten great color combinations that work surprisingly well

great colour combinations sofa table Orange

Blue and orange. Yes, I know what I previously wrote a few lines. Here are my hated school colors in their entire stimulus. Or not exactly… The Orange is slightly brown. So if you are brought to the fore this nuances bordering on the secondary colour, it works wonderfully.

Notice how the designers have removed the floor and part of the walls in Brown and the Chair has a much more Orange-friendly background. The Orange and white curtains serve as a bridge between the two shades. So intelligent!

Amazing Interior

great colour combinations shelves Orange sofa

Here, we see a more blue-orange combination that works super great. Here’s the secret: the blue is very brittle and plays a minor role compared to the orange color. So a color combination works well, you need to play very often with the intensity of the colours.

Great colors

great colour combinations couch sofa Orange

I think that also the geography plays an important role in these matters. In some climates, you need shades which fit the really bright sunlight.

If you had told me some time ago that you want to decorate your room in Orange and gray, then I would have told you that you are crazy. But here is still a proof that all supposedly non-committal colors can work together in fact wonderfully. In this case, it is especially helpful that the wallpaper and carpet with white are draped. They serve as a bridge between the two.

Green tones

great colour combinations table lamp

Purple and green almost seems like a joke. But as Monet in the Lili pad has already demonstrated paintings, the two shades can be combined wonderfully.

Purple and green almost seems like a joke

great colour combinations green bed shelves

The attraction of the unexpected colour combinations is to a large extent just that, that surprise you are. Imagine the delight and the machination, which comes in such a room like this one!

Rosa is suitable for bedroom

great colour combinations pink bed carpet

I thought pink and blue used also a cruel bad combination. It has added often they baby rooms, if the parents wanted to know the sex of the babies in advance. A sublime pastel color is blue and pink is also very juicy in this form. This is the secret here, too. Pastel colors work well together and this is changed little by the shading.

Grey and pink looked good together

great color combinations and elephant

Blue tends to gray in this example. This applies also to Rosa. Grey and pink looked good together. These were particularly popular in the 50s. What do we learn from this example: If two opposite colors provide you with the same base, you are can work wonderfully together.

Are you not ready for pink and blue? How about then with blue and magenta? I don’t know what’s more for the owner spricht-the color combination or the shoes with the Leopard pattern.

Leopard pattern decorate the Interior here

great colour combinations table lamp

Coral – blue seems also to be an implausible combination. But let us remember that this color combination in nature works great like in the depths of the Lake. So, they have every chance that it works well also for you.

Pink green room

great colour combinations green bed

Just kidding!

This beautiful pink green room works wonderfully because they brought different types of pink in usage. In addition, they appear less bright than on large surfaces within the Strip.

I’ve shown just several examples which illustrate clearly that a color combination works well if the shading of the other is dedicated in. But there are also exceptions, and so is this brave couple here. Because who needs an alarm clock in the room like this?

Pink color palette

great colour combinations pink bed

And yet encouraging he works next to space, which was carried out in pink and orange.

Bathroom in pink and orange

great colour combinations tank orange pink

Let’s forget about the sales value of the apartment. Sometimes, you must only do things because they make a fun. This shower enclosure will wake you up, even before the water runs.

Modern kids room

great colour combinations Orange shelves sofa

In the next example, the combination was successful because it used the different shades in a very playful way. It has added a balance through the white, grey and of course wooden shades.

How do you get these ideas?

great colour combinations table Chair green

In aqua and orange combination you can achieve a lot with little. In this room there are enough of them, allowing the tension between you only as far as come to the fore, they energize the room.

Brown and grey listen to not always such a good color combination

great colour combinations bed sofa

Brown and grey listen to not always such a good color combination. But this space here seems male and gorgeous.

Is it me or is it really hot in here?

This Brown grey living room is just super cool. It is really kniffig me grey to work. The border between dynamic and monotonous is pretty thin. She should try them before using the color in different places in the room at various times of the day and light.

Stunning seating area

great colour combinations table sofa Brown

If the combination succeeded however, is subtle, quiet and exudes sublime security.

Another crisp example is this here in grey and Brown. In this case, the grey is very warm and includes red. It mixes beautifully with Brown.

This is another crisp example here, Brown

great colour combinations gray coffee table sofa

The colors are like the music. The flute and oboe give terrible performances as a combination, but when you play them at the same time within the correct melody, they work wonderfully!

Are you tired of the usual colour combinations? Would you try than like something completely new?