Surprising Fiscal Austerity At Home!

unexpected austerity kitchen islandSurprising austerity measures

Like all people, who often hang out in the blogs for design around, I find it fascinating the beautiful design objects. But actually you should watch this once in the light of the practical work. These are all items that must maintain, repair, renovate and replace if necessary.

Many of you are probably at this point ask yourself: should because all nowadays live in minimalist furnished apartments?

Everyone has individual needs and desires. The General guidelines of what they “Must” have at home are what we all have to take into consideration. In the following, we want to look at some essential items from this point of view with you.

Do you live in a minimalist furnished apartment?

surprising austerity table Chair chandelier

What you really need in the kitchen

Consider what you really need and what can actually be eliminated within the framework of your lifestyle exactly.

The food processor: How often is this really you? If not all too often forgo their shopping, or sell them if necessary.

Salad spinner: Why wouldn’t you rather tear off the sheets? This is also a work soothing soul!

Highly specialized kitchen appliances: press for garlic, pasta cooker, Panini Presse…werden this in your kitchen really needed?

Trash can: If you have a compost bin, you would need a small number of these and they must also not too often to wash them.

The decoration with flowers is much more original and practical

surprising austerity living room table fireplace

Dining room

How much crockery, cutlery, glassware and table cloths do you need in reality?

Specialized cocktail and wine glasses: I would recommend most people use universal wine glasses and multifunctional Bacos.

Sets and tablecloths

Wondering what you actually prefer use. Probably, a reduced number of these things is completely enough for your needs

Holiday or “chic” Dinnerware

Much more original and practical the decoration with flowers and original decoration for special cases will be.

Living room

The simple design of the proposed area means also less cleaning and much more free time for other, more pleasant things.

The magazines: Could you shouldn’t look at the online versions? Would this also in terms of environmental protection, or a better idea?

Books: You can borrow them from the library

Music and movies

Thanks to the modern technologies, you can save all the movies to the PC and on-line use lending services.

Decoration: Leave you just that, what you really like. You should do away with the rest. Not only on the basis of making clean, but also for the relaxation of the senses that is good.

Is so full that you can open the door barely such a unit or Cabinet?

surprising cuts wood sink kitchen

Extra storage space

You must fill all shelves with super many objects. The pure surfaces have a refreshing effect.

To clean the accessories

Is for example an appliance or Cabinet as full or so stowed that they can open the door barely?

Old T-shirts: such can tear and are hold to close the pieces immediately to clean the dirt arising in the course of time.

Specialized products for cleaning

Actually you could clean up the House only with a cleaning agent. In very few places, you need something special.

You have to accept not the clutter in the Office

surprising austerity Desk Chair white Cabinet

Home Office

You have to accept not the clutter in the Office. Even if you cannot work for you, there are a couple of methods by which you avoid the mess.

Printer: How often you need to print out for what something? If you print at home really just the ticket, you need a special printer certainly. Surely you can do that also in the copy shop.

Deck top computer and laptop

Do you really need both? If you use just the laptop, you would rather sell the other device.

The full cabinets.

Would it not much better to scan all the documents and store somewhere on the PC?

This space must be an oasis

surprising austerity bed grey stool


This room must be quiet like an oasis. So do not fill the space with unnecessary items!

Extra bed linen: how many actually use? I think two sets per bed and two for guests should be sufficient.

Clothes and shoes

Select your Favorites. Think about what you would take with you if you go on a trip or if it would burn out a fire in the House. Could you don’t store now where else all the rest?

Reducing the clutter in the bathroom can go very easily!

surprising austerity green sink


Reducing the clutter in the bathroom can go very easily! Free yourself from unnecessary towels and other additional things. So, the morning will be certainly more pleasant.

The stuff for the Higyäne

What do you use actually every day? It can remain on the surface and the rest of you could put somewhere on the page, such as a closet.

Keep in mind, exactly, what you really need in everyday life and what not

What are your “esse in Valley”? Do you really need this or you the beautiful advertising talked up, that you necessarily need to purchase these?

Create more space for your favorite pastime

surprising austerity bike

Sports and hobby

Have a lot of expensive things that never come into usage. Give away or sell them but as soon as possible and create more space for your favourite pastime! It takes some courage to do that, but guaranteed it feels freer and happier then.

Rent some stuff

Can it be that you use certain goods only within the framework of a season? If so, would it not be cheaper to rent them instead of buying? This is more convenient for travel!

Hobbies which you have placed

Have you bought equipment for kayak just because you think you even do that? But maybe it never happened. Here again, consider selling. In case of an emergency, you can rent the things for some time.

Renovation of the House, the garden and the Court

Even the smallest farms and gardens can be very quickly dead all messy. This particularly applies to the houses of people who love the home improvement.

Lawn mower, rake

It would be more environmentally friendly and more economical in terms of time and money to replace the grass, which grows more natural in your climate zone and is easier to maintain by another green area.

Seed pots

Do you really spend money? There are so many things which you reuse this function can be!

Specialized tools

Many people without much experience can be easy to persuade that they need special tools for the garden. But actually, the case is very rare and the special tools can serve the right professional people.

Do you want because more comfort and freedom of movement in your home? Then they should have less stuff in the way. Your judgment must be exaggerated advertising will not be affected.

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