See A Cylindrical Japanese House – The Wonderful Interior!

a cylindrical Japanese home architectureSee a cylindrical Japanese House – the wonderful interior!

A few cubic box-shaped houses, including the cylindrical Japanese House show a modern architectural design. We present today a residence in cylindrical form in Chiharada, Japan. It is similar to a fairytale Castle. The interesting unique House is designed by Studio velocity. The construction is spread over two levels, which immediately attract attention. The architect Miho British and Kentaro Kunhura have linked the two parts of the House with five great stairs.

A cylindrical Japanese House – what is so special?

1. a cylindrical architecture

2. the construction is distributed on two levels.

3. warm accents of wood, plush decor, beautiful Windows with classic French frame and intelligent lighting characterize the House.

An impressive shape of the building

a cylindrical Japanese Home Interior white wood table

The residence has a kitchen, a dining area, living, bedroom and bathroom.  Warm accents of wood, plush decor, beautiful Windows with classic French frame and intelligent lighting characterize the House. The extensive use of wood appear softer and warmer Interior and provides an inviting atmosphere in the House. The white color range dominates the exterior of the residence. The Interior is subtly connected with the exterior.

Wood is used here stylish

a cylindrical Japanese House table kitchen wood

The architects have designed carefully every detail – from the bathroom lighting to the Windows.

Warmth and tranquillity in the dining room

table dining cylindrical Japanese House

This residence radiates style, comfort, and love. Their advantages are the great institution, as well as the surrounding greenery.

White enlarged the space optically

cylindrical Japanese home table eating wood couch

The combination of ergonomic design and an open layout shows the ingenuity of architects.

Earth shades give the House harmony

table wardrobe cylindrical Japanese House

See this Japanese House! Do you like it? Most likely, Yes! A cylindrical Japanese House – parts us your impressions with!

Such as find the design? cylindrical Japanese home kitchen Interioryou want to live here?

a cylindrical Japanese House white furniturewooden stairs connect the levels a cylindrical Japanese porch wood tablea view from abovewood cylindrical Japanese House the floorcylindrical Japanese House woodas it would be with such cylindrical form? cylindrical Japanese House wood window

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