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Humidification as an important factor for well-being at home and in the workplace

The good feeling is a complex of components. The pleasant climate is one of the prerequisites for the well-being in every room. To control the humidity is not only possible but also as necessary. That’s why just humidifier, air purifiers and dehumidifiers are an absolute trend nowadays.

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The humidity is an important factor for the good atmosphere. In cases, if you must increase the humidity, it relies on humidifier. This is nowadays a common practice for private households and public institutions. You can find a rich selection of humidifiers and-entfeuchtern at

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The humidity has a recommended range (between 50% and 60%), and when she falls under this standard, it is good to increase this artificially. At room temperature of 17-18 ° C, the humidity is 60-70%. This applies to most people as pleasant. Especially during the heating season, the humidity is too low. The air is warmer and dry at the same time. The dry air but has consequences for our well-being, namely negative: skin, eyes, and respiratory tract are more or less attacked and disturbed in their function. The regular stay in a room with low humidity can even cause illness, so it would be better to consider a humidifier into consideration. Fatigue and lack of concentration are other possible consequences.

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Many basic materials such as paper, leather, wood and textiles also suffer from low humidity. Exhibition and storage locations benefit therefore from a humidifier quite well. Must be taken on enough humidity in the rooms, where they kept antiques and valuables. Through the application of appropriate humidifiers to protect such as Museum exhibits.

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What is for the good functioning of a humidifier important? He works on the principle of evaporation. Why is the quality of the Befeuchterwassers of fundamental importance. She has at least drinking water quality, so it relies on a well functioning humidifier. Humidifiers differ in size and have a different operating principle. Depending on the room, choosing the most appropriate device.

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The air in a room neither too dry, will be too wet. Then, one can speak of a good comfort. That is hardly possible without a humidifier in the winter. The humidifier make not only air moist, but also clean. By increasing the humidity, you save furniture, floors and many other valuables against the harmful effects of dry air. The regular maintenance of the humidifier should be taken too seriously under consideration. Treat to a high quality of life in your home or at your workplace, by setting appropriate humidifier!