Scandinavian Design And Nordic Life Style

Scandinavian design products – the esthetic clarity of the North

Scandinavian design is already on the rise. This simple and at the same time elegant residential style is particularly also in this country very popular and preferred by many. “Scandinavian living” is characterized by Nordic clarity, nature and optimum functionality. At the same time work pleasantly attractive Scandinavian furniture and home accessories and create a comfortable ambience in your own four walls completely unobtrusive. Not for nothing, some of the large in the design such as Fawaz Hansen, Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen are namely Scandinavians. And perhaps we have become it also somewhat, at least with regard to housing and set up – at the latest since the Sweden with IKEA have made school.

Straight lines, clear profile, noticeable ease and natural materials and organic shapes and light woods are just a few of the main features of that seem at all easy unmistakable the Scandinavian style and Scandinavian design. Stay simple! Without unnecessary frills and ornaments, they say. Everything is geared to human needs, which are the be-all and end-all of the Scandinavian way of life. The form here is determined by the function and not vice versa – Bauhaus style with swing and soul! Simple elegance is boredom and cool but definitely not. Quite the contrary! Through its variety of graphic patterns and motifs inspired by nature, the Scandinavian design offers a visually pleasant atmosphere. The Northern style is also quite adaptable and can be used easily as the perfect setting for a successful mix of styles.

Scandinavian desing interior design ideas living room

And what’s with the colors from Scandinavian design in terms of? Also a relaxed and loose actually. Generally, neutral shades like cream, grey and beige, and also colors such as white and black often have the priority. Pastel colours are also very popular and are used by almost all designers and manufacturers. It is still not uncommon that Flash colors in the game come. These are quite refreshing and help us the dark season, lighten the mood and provide more positive energy in the room.

Scandinavian desing products living room ideas

Many providers, as for example on finds you a pretty wide selection of high-quality design products from Scandinavia. Time-tested brands like Marimekko, Iittala, Georg Jensen and Holmegaard, just a few to mention Kosta Boda – – offer not only quality, but also cosiness and well-being pure. Discover the cosy comfort Scandinavian style and feel the refined clarity of the North!

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