Modern Office Furniture Inspired By The Scandinavian Nature

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Modern office furniture – fascinating innovative design

We show you modern office equipment like no other in this article.

The Norwegian company of meltwater has 57 offices around the world with headquarters in San Francisco, United States. To celebrate their great development in the last 12 years, the company has the Design Studio Flash entitled modern and innovative to set up the main office in the Scandinavian style.

Modern office furniture in the US city of San Francisco

1. the Scandinavian company meltwater

2. the architectural and Interior Design Studio Flash

3. inspiration from nature

4. distribution of working surface – four zones

Interior design that fascinates

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The Flash interior designers were inspired by the name of Meltwatter (meltwater). The conversion of the ice in clear running water symbolizes renewal and change. And the interior designers target had exactly this idea.

The hanging lamps symbolize the ice crystals and the blue color of the flowing water

modern office equipment Flash San Francisco California

The nature and in particular, the largest Norwegian River Glomma play an important role in the Interior. The long road of Glomma, from snow-covered mountains in the North through farmland until a small metropolitan area in the South, were incorporated in the plan. The Office is divided into four zones – snow area, waterfalls, green valleys and ponds connected by a shared circuit together.

All rooms are open and connected by the “Glomma River Trail”

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Each zone reflects a particular nature reserve in Norway and distinguishes itself through thematic colors, shapes and structure.

The reception represents the snow area. Geometric pendant lights symbolize ice crystals and a rectangular desk in white is associated with the idea of ice and snow. The blue color stands for clear water and the large green carpet represents the farmland and the Norwegian valleys.

The green carpet represents the valleys along the Glomma River

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This LEGO Blackboard encourages creativity in the workplace

modern office equipment Flash casual Blackboard carpet

Natural materials and colors create coziness

modern office furniture Casual Grün Flash glass wall area

The lightning have combined interesting and playful beautiful Scandinavian nature architects with the modern high tech atmosphere in San Francisco. Look at the result of the architects and designers now itself in peace and quiet.

High-tech for the latest trends in the industry

modern office equipment Flash casual wood flooring touch screen

The natural material wood fits very well with the main idea

modern office equipment Flash casual black panel wooden Interior

Would you like to work in this unique Office?

modern office equipment Flash casual Bank wood furniture

A comfortable working atmosphere prevails in the meltwater Office

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