Modern Interior Design With Color – Orange As Main And Accent Color

modern interior Orange living room coffee table round shiny

Modern interior design with color

Achieve more joy and excitement in your home thanks to the orange color

What do you associate the color “Orange” in the first place? Many people associate it with the hazard warning. Therefore, this shade is probably also very often dodged in the House.

The following pictures will help you overcome this fear.

The color expert Cristinna Harris had dealt with the topic. Here are some of the results of their research and studies.

Design your interior design using the orange color

modern interior Office work room eye-catching color

Why do so many people show an aversion to the orange color?

A pleasant orange shade can be very difficult. This can be too pink or too yellowish. The reputation of the connection with Halloween will make it even more difficult.

Orange accent color

Even if muted as shown here, the orange color attracts the attention. The design recommends the use of contrasting colors to in the room.

Orange is an excellent accent color

orange work room modern interior chest of drawers eye-catching color

If you get the right nuance, Orange can work well with any color.

Yes, insert accents brave!

modern interior color accents and alternating Orange carpet decoration ideas

How do I search out the right nuance

Orange can be very flexible on the basis of the different possible variations. Above all, remember the emotions that your room for viewers to get.

You could combine orange with many other colors

modern interior Orange living room lounge fireplace eye-catching color

The dark and deeper versions of Orange could adjacent to red and Brown. The saturated forms be somewhat steamed, when they are surrounded with neutral, especially grey tones.

First decide how much Orange you want to use, and then select the appropriate shade. If you want to paint the entire room, then the brighter nuances might be somewhat dangerous. Small accents, they could be flexible.

Orange wall color

modern interior Orange paint dining room color

Some designers recommend orange with silver undertones.

Combine orange with silver! modern interior Orange living room shelves decorative accents

In the kitchen there are many Silver accents. So Orange would fit very well

modern interior Orange kitchen color accent eye-catching color

Start with small objects

Are you not sure, how to start? Start with little things like in the picture below!

Small accents such as coloured cushion freshen the Interior noticeably

modern interior Orange living room Rsofa decorative pillow

An orange front door can work well everywhere. You could do a simple flower vase, a candle or a different decorative piece in a beautiful shade of Orange.

Use warm colors in the entrance area

modern interior Orange entrance door colour

Here they used the Orange fruits in a bowl even as a catcher. You could run a single wall or a part of this in Orange. You don’t like the result? You can easily execute them in a different shade!

A bold color palette creates atmosphere in the room

modern interior Orange living room colored orange yellow turquoise

And how it looks with an orange carpet runner? He is wonderfully enliven a House with a neutral color palette.

The staircase needs also a breath of freshness

modern interior Orange stairs stairway carpet

Do you like this Orange challenge?  I hope this is the case! Because this is a color that can contribute much even after the psychologists to a busier everyday.

In the bedroom warm colors such as Orange are very comfortable      modern interior Orange bedroom bed headboard accent

Here we see a combination of warm colours – red, yellow and orange

modern interior Orange bedroom bed bedding blanket