Modern Interior Design In Bright Colours Lends More Appeal The Interior Design

modern interior beige sea design

Modern interior with colourful stimulus

In recent years, Southeast Asia offers some amazing ideas for modern interiors. The designers in this area bring a beautiful sense of half minimalism in a soothing ambience. Vale is a residential project in the heart of Sutera Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the establishment of this “nature-inspired ‘ homes combine beautiful shapes with flowing functionality.” Designed by Blu water Studio, these apartments offer a fresh and almost extravagant version of modern design!

While a first insight do you believe that these houses are pretty much like most other modern apartments with neutral colors and a stylish décor, a closer look you can discover some surprises. There are nice addition in any room in the form of small potted plants, flowers, and floor vases.

Dining table and seating area are perfectly combined in this modern interior

modern interior sitting area and dining table

While the walls and the floor largely in muted tones of white and grey are painted, the trailer lights and interesting works of art bring lively contrast in the atmosphere. While some modern houses tend to be a bit too bland, the beautiful and remarkable addition of fine color in the bedroom in the form of colored turquoise fabric and striped cushions ensures that the Vale is not the same way.

Great interior design of a compact living area with pendant lamps

contemporary pendant lamps warm light

The lighting steals the show in this housing project, where several lighting fixtures are combined to achieve the perfect lighting to all. By large sliding glass doors that offer plentiful natural ventilation, until pendant luminaires, which also serve as works of art, lighting elevates the look of the trendy apartment. This project shows sophisticated, rich and relaxing, perfect balance between style and substance!

Stylish bedroom with Mövenfiguren on the walls

modern interior bedroom with filigree Mövenfiguren

A bamboo photo on the wall provides additional relaxation

modern interior Dim lighting Babusfoto

Light wood planks on Wall and white glossy surface of table

modern interior gloss floor

Light blue and green shades for more peace and quiet

modern interior bedroom den Hell Blau and green

Flower ornaments and blue-green bedspread

modern interior bedroom blue-green shades and ornaments

Colorful pillows and large black and white photograph on the wall

modern interior bedroom colorful pillow

Light blue and lemon green – smart colour combination

modern interior bedroom desk Plaid pillows and great viewsmodern interior black white pillows sliding door modern interior white sofa light wood walls white orchids give a subtle tropical touch