Happiness In A Beach House In Santa Cruz

The first night spent in a Beach House in Santa Cruz, California Jennifer Hodges and called in his sleep. Tears were in her eyes with joy and no result because of the sand. She was desperate. “The carpet, the dingy walls, the paper thin Windows… everything that I’ve done.” I know today: A House is a constantly evolving journey and you have to enjoy them. ”

living room white

The next morning, Hodges and your husband begin to work. You tear down the walls to expand the kitchen. They want only things in their home, which they love. Therefore, everything they own has a history.

The living room in the Beach House in Santa Cruz

living room wood table pictures

The sofa in the living room is one of their favorite pieces. Artist Carol Bowie painted the piece over the sofa. Hodges took two armchairs and a coffee table at Alameda point antiques faire, where it is every first Sunday in the month.

The furniture is white and some are found at the flea market

white interior design furniture window

The couple spends most weekends in the sunny living room by lazes, drinking a cup of coffee and read newspapers. The green box in the corner of the living room is the favorite piece of furniture by Hodges.

An old cabinet

living room chair Cabinet green

She bought the dining room table and chairs on the flea market by their neighbour, who is an Innenarchtekt. Flea markets are a weekend trip for the couple.

The dining room table and chairs are bought at the flea market by her neighbor

traditional dining room chair table

The leather chair is found also at the flea market.

The House is like a trip…

dining room Brown Chair table wood

In the bathroom for guests, there are ancient findings and rustic shelves. The figure is from a trip to Singapore.

In the House there are also ancient finds and rustic shelves

living room library interior design

In the TV room in the middle of the Hausesgibt’s a leather couch and a fireplace, perfect to read are.

Here you can see the bar stool

kitchen white books

The floor of the master bedroom is made of concrete and copper. He is never too hot or too cold. The soil is nice and easy to clean.

The cuisine of Hodges

kitchen Setup idea

The front door is painted in Canary yellow recently and it is different from the other houses on the street. Hodges has a smile on her face every time, when she looks at the door, because it is so bright and cheerful.

The bathroom can be seen here

The leather couch is comfortable to relax traditional bathroom white

The bedroom has a white interior design traditional leather couch

In the bedroom there are white curtains white bedroom furniture Beach House

Bedroom white

A yellow House

yellow Beach Housethe exterior design of the Beach House

exterior design Beach House flowers