Gym Set Up – Tips And Ideas For A Home Gym

gym set up Fitness Studio to home

Gym set up – you would have a private Fitness Studio?

Have you previously lived with the false idea that the training is at home reserved for only the rich people? This is an outdated vision, because nowadays everyone to his own health can take at home.

All it takes is a little bit (Yes, a bit!) Space can be used for the establishment of the training place. Consider carefully: you have a space, its full potential was not exhausted until now? Then this is may be just the right place for the establishment of Fitnesses.

It could be a Home Office for better times or to a bedroom that serves as a storage area. With a little effort, you can convert such a room into the perfect place for your yoga, Pilates or other training.

Tired of the treadmill in the corner of the living room? Do you have enough fully by the stumbling of the bicycle in the bedroom? The interior design ideas below will show more successful strategies for designing a home fitness.


Do you have an attic, which is not fully used? It may be never! It’s wonderful workout rooms. The devices will be out of here by the remaining Setup and you’ll have enough privacy when training. All these are factors that make worthwhile the climbing into the attic.

Interior design ideas for a gym at home

gym set up fitness studio at home rooftop fitness equipment


You rarely need an entire room for the establishment of a home fitness. You could set up the sports section under the staircase or in the basement. You will be surprised how well your gym in a confined space can be insert.

Make a gym in your basement

gym set up fitness studio at home training wheel cross-country device

Foisted as fitness set

Many houses have their main rooms on the upper floors. You can get then a fitness room convert into the bottom. In the picture, we see a multifunctional area, in which you can play sports also successfully. Sports and games area can be wonderfully together.

So you can improve your shape while you watch the kids

gym set up fitness studio at home fitness equipment nursery

Bed and breakfast

Currently does much more than just a storage space for clothes your bed and breakfast? Put all items that you don’t need, you sell them in a second hand shop and use the capital to buy new equipment.

Do you have an extra room available?

gym set up fitness studio at home fitness equipment

Garage for two cars

Perhaps you are the person who is mindful of the health and cleanliness of nature and therefore either about not or have only one car. Then, you can use the remaining space in the garage for other purposes. In the pictured example here reaching a complete conversion chic furnishings. We see French doors, cement surface on an acoustic floor and one complete with mirror sided wall.

Fitness in the garage

gym set up fitness studio at home fitness equipment garage

Glass veranda

Do you have a such a room, you barely use? You can make the perfect room for your yoga break. Here, a zillion light comes in through the sliding glass doors.

Fitness Studio with beautiful views

gym set up fitness studio at home summer terraces

Budget room

Do you have an extra space without more specific function? You can convert now space them to a wonderful fitness. You need no extra large investment. You can start with a few yoga mats, some free weights and a stationary bike. You will have room to your own personal fitness within a very short time.

You could make a gym without fitness equipment

gym set up fitness studio at home rooftop extra room


Are all of the above suggestions not the right choice for you? How about the end of a seldom-used hallway?

Place the bike before the cabinet door, that you never use, roll out your yoga mat and hang one or two mirror – and already have the perfect furnishing idea for your home fitness room.

Make the narrow hallway to the usegym set up fitness studio at home fitness equipment floor