Great Interior Of A Family House, Which Combines Old And New

great shelves interior light pink couch tableA great interior of family house

A family house with beautiful views of the forest, is located among the vineyards. This modern architecture is characterized by its old stone walls.

A pink couch and orange lamp his fishing this living room design

great interior living room pink couch table shelves

The Interior was completely renovated and today the fresh colours predominate here. The owners have covered all the details in the construction – the floors, the ceilings, the walls.

The chandelier is shown here

great interior chandelier shelves

The House has living, sleeping, eating and bathroom and is decorated in fresh colours. The passion for reading is demonstrated through the bookshelves. You can see also a stone wall in the living room. The comfortable bedroom is very comfortably furnished and offers the inhabitants of pleasant relaxation and recovery from everyday stress. The ergonomic kitchen is a part of the dining area.

Many bookshelves to complete the Interior

great interior white window

See how the interior design combines the old and new perfect!

Yellow chairs fit perfectly to the wooden table

great interior yellow Chair basket fireplace table

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great interior dining table yellow basket pink sofa table Chair living stone the living room and dining room are separated by a wallthe residents have established the House style

great interior dining room tablewood furniture give the room heat

great interior kitchen bar stool Chair table

The owners can relax in the bedroom

great interior bed bedroom basket a fun bathroom design in Orange and pinkgreat interior Orange bath bathroom carpetthe bathroom looks inviting

great interior wash basin orange red tub

great interior stone exterior stone walls are used in the construction of the Housethe exterior is stunning great interior architectural stone

great interior corridor

great interior flowers

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