Five Hints For A Caribbean Mood At Home

Caribbean mood at home swimming poolFive hints for a Caribbean mood at home

Sure, you dream in the air-conditioned comfort of his apartment during the summer from the sea. Who wanted to experience a little Caribbean charm. If your holiday is only at the end of the summer season, you can bring up then a little Caribbean style in your home.

Turquoise Blue and his great shades take the lead role in the design of the kitchen

Caribbean mood at home kitchen island shelves Cabinet

Colour scheme

Turquoise Blue and his great shades take the lead role in the design of the room. This lush color, combined with green and red or orange-red let the miracle of clean waters of St. Lucia are alive. Start at the bottom and take account of the turquoise blue in the carpet, the padding on the pillow, and at least on an item that is hanging from the ceiling. So, you feel like a fish in the water!

This interior is inviting

Caribbean mood at home bed Blau Tisch white


There have been the sea water, but it lacks their movement still. You can have this movement with a hammock made of natural woven rope. You can bring the sea with mysterious decor – elements made of mouth-blown glass are an indication of the ocean and its abstract shape brings the movement.

A note on the ocean are elements made of mouth-blown glass

Caribbean mood at home white table Bank couch Chair

No exaggerated furniture

Note design rules the Zen better – the furniture in your room should let the breeze flow around, below and above. Stay in comfortable, simple and fresh-looking furniture. Our main goal is to bring the essence of outdoor home. So, you set the House with furniture, which can be also garden furniture.

This comfortable, simple and fresh-looking furniture create a Caribbean atmosphere

Caribbean mood at home coffee table patio

Sunshine & lighting

Now it should be obvious that you open the blinds, pull away the curtains and must open the shutters.  Now you can let the sunlight in the room and you need only a very thin curtain at the window. After sunset, then turn the pendant lights and create a romantic Caribbean atmosphere at home. So it is really unique and Caribbean, fasten the rope chandeliers and other lamps. Great idea, isn’t it?

Turn the pendant lamps after sunset and create a romantic Caribbean atmosphere at home

Caribbean mood at home living room chair table

Fading and wear out

The sea salt gives a rustic appearance. The beach, the waves, the sand – they are an ancient part of our world. The elements at home should be too old. Buy from flea markets, collect sea shells from the beach, be creative with the texture of the room.

A magnificent dining room offers luxury

Caribbean mood at home Chair sofa chandelier

Let the Caribbean atmosphere inside and enjoy them!

Caribbean mood at home wood closet