Elegant Improvements In A Traditional House In Dallas

traditional house in Dallas fireplace couch cushion mirror living room tableElegant improvements in a traditional house in Dallas

Ross and Megan Brown, owning a home from the second world war. It is located in the South of Dallas and had strong structure and good looks. But the kitchen and bed from the 50s had to be renovated.

The construction worker Andria Lai was brought as a helper. He has renovated the two rooms. It has given a new character House, also by using old objects, which it has acquired over time.

The House at a glance

Who lives here: Ross and Megan Brown

Size: 245 square metres, 3 bathrooms, 2 half baths

Location: Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas

The two black doors on the side of the fireplace were inserted in the 50s. At that time, one has closed the entrance and converted the Hall into a separate room. This is now used as a Home Office.

A stylish room offers plenty of comfort

traditional house in Dallas study desk lamp shelves carpet

You can see a sofa with Slipcover continued here. This is especially easy to clean and both partners appreciate that.

Recently, the couple bought a built-in shelf. It is located at one end of the House and serves the organisation of the shared home offices.

The yellow sofa brings a fresh touch to the room

traditional house in Dallas coffee table picture pillow

The Camelback sofa with lemon stripes upholstery is a gift from Megan’s aunt. Megan made it interesting by the diamond pattern on the pillow. This has them in the company of one King’s Lane purchased.

Striking is the glass desk

traditional House of Dallas desk lamp Chair coffee table rug

Megan has bought the carpet made of cowhide leather in a market in Canton, Textas. It was a birthday present to Ross. Megan has acquired the painted barn on the same market.

Earth nuances in the dining room

traditional House of Dallas dining table Chair chandelier Cabinet plate kitchen island

The original wooden floors were from the beginning at everywhere in the House. That was always a pure joy for the couple. This was including basic of easy care.

Wood furniture lends the dining room heat

traditional House of Dallas chandelier table Chair image

Megan super arrange dinner parties. You nothing could imagine in the dining room other than a round table made of wood. She likes the simple things with a warm radiance.

Modern kitchen appliances

traditional House of Dallas kitchen appliance kitchen island chandelier Cabinet

The pair completely renovated the kitchen. Megan’s health trainer and author of a book on the subject. They cook so much at home. That’s why she needed a functional room with lots of storage space. She wants that the guests gladly come into the kitchen and feel good.

White shades visually enlarge the kitchen

traditional house in Dallas kitchen flowers Cabinet white

According to the couple, the back wall of the kitchen was the biggest dilemma. But work on the existing window was. This didn’t work at the beginning of the whole thing. However, it has not discouraged and continued. The complete work is complete in itself and gives this great look of the entire kitchen. At the same time he can appear much larger kitchen.

How to find the improvements?

traditional house in Dallas table Crystal

Megan and Ross have a similar taste. That’s why the selection of furniture and materials was easy for them. Ross estimates the dimensions much better. He had a large contribution to the design of this narrow niche, which is suitable for two persons.

The elegant bathrooms

traditional house in Dallas tub chandelier shower

The former owners of the House had visited the bathroom renovated. You had used white marble tiles Carerra. The two liked this and the free-standing bathtub. They were really grateful about this beautiful heritage.

Two large bathrooms are upstairs, and both have views of the courtyard. The sheet metal bed is also a gift from Megan’s aunt. It takes a central position in the kapok-tree carpet.

Golden bed frame and a patterned carpet in the bedroom

traditional house in Dallas bed Golden bedroom carpet Chair lamp

Actually, the two from the outset by the size of the room were surprised. This was also little to the era in which the House was built.

A bed and breakfast in white

traditional House of Dallas bed bedroom bedding nightstand

The second guest room has been completely executed in white and shows beautiful wood accents.

Do you want to visit this House?

traditional House of Dallas sconces bathroom sink

The couple has renovated the guest room. But they have the original in sheet metal wall sconces. Megan has sprayed them with silver. According to Megan, especially the small decisions you had to make were very much.

A pleasant garden offers plenty of rest the owners

traditional House of Dallas table Chair wooden garden

Ross has built the grill station alone. His work is also the wall which hides the air conditioner of the home. The great black egg has work surfaces on both sides.

Do you like the exterior?

traditional House of Dallas exterior Chair table patio swing

Here you can see the large Windows, which are also a part of the original construction. Stone form a circular dining area in the yard, which is used for eating and entertainment. You will make the landscape in the courtyard also slow and the tree is the last work by Ross.

Traditional architecture

traditional House of Dallas entrance door stairs

The view from the front covers trees and hills.

This year it will be three years since the wedding of Megan and Ross. Just see how happy they look at this high gloss painted door! By working on the design of House many couples closer to each other clearly.

The couple traditional House of Dallas woman man

Andria Lai

Megan Brown

One King’s Lane

The egg big green

Elliott’s hardware

Sarah Greenman