Dressing Room Roof – An Attractive Dressing Room Design

dressing room design interior design ideas pitched roof

Dressing room attic – so can see that out!

The top floor to the living are becoming increasingly popular. They are seen increasingly as a preferred residences. Certainly the great aspect of the special space and construction elements there also helps. Moreover, there are very many modern solutions for their use. The easiest it is integrating a dressing room under the roof. Check out examples of the dressing room attic , so you gather ideas for the design of the own Ankleidezimmers!

Luxuriously decorated dressing room in the roof

dressing room design ideas pitched roof stool

For this, there are now special constructions with floor to ceiling sliding doors. They disappear almost into the wall and leave a loose, free atmosphere in the room. Combined with a file color the whole thing looks super individual and charming.

Modern grey furniture

dressing room attic chandelier carpet

Mirror or glass surfaces in the dressing room

Pitched roof are often so high that you can integrate so many things including. There you can opt for a mirror or glass surface. Thus, you make it to the room appear much wider than it is in reality. You also have a dual function for those who look in the mirror while make-up before going out.


a dress room set up in the sloping roof

Usually, such dressing room with sloping for minimalist solutions are very suitable. But the sliding doors you can select or edit that they also emit a very different mood. Here you could hit on beautiful, even luxurious solutions. Others are, however, very simple and can be found to build itself in various shops.

Shiny wallpaper in the dressing room

dressing room attic apartment interior design ideas

Dressing room furniture

dressing room design elegant modern

Pot with green plant in the dressing room

dressing room attic white Cabinet

Storage space is a very popular solution for offices under the sloping roof. In these shiny, shiny surfaces are very popular, enrolling in the modern work environment very well. Patterns and special decoration spice them there on the mood and often make for a better mood and motivation to work. These are very important in small working Office.

Dressing room of modern art are often the starting point for the whole futuristic facilities. You cause that one performs also furniture and accessories in the same style. Last but not least not underestimate their importance for accommodating ergonomic foldable structures.

Long curtains in the dressing room

dressing room set up sloping beautiful interior design ideas

Dressing room in the roof with bright design

dressing room design table cushion

Dressing room set up in fresh wall colors

dressing room plan slanted Cabinet

Many drawers and cupboards for clothes

dressing room plan cabinets drawers

Fitted wardrobe in the sloping roof

wardrobe drawers open shelves

Dressing room for women

dressing room set up carpet furniture

Beautifully furnished dressing room in the roof

dressing room attic open cabinets