Decorative Palm Trees – Tips And Integration In Innendesigntrends

exotic living room set up zimmmerpalmen

Beautiful potted Palm have been virtually always up-to-date. You refresh the atmosphere – purify the air and liven up the space visually. As a stable element of interior decoration, they are but also the design tendencies. Must be selected for this reason among others in accordance with these.

Now, we have a large number of decorative Palm trees for the apartment, the terrace and the garden to the selection. Read what you should look for in a successful election.

Floor facility with indoor Palm plants

Potted Palm or Hardy species

There are indoor Palm plants and Hardy species. For the urban lifestyle of the first proved according to Innendesignexperten the more appropriate choice. Two videos of potted Palm at Gartenbista there. They demonstrate their aesthetically pleasing presence in the room. The cultivation of potted Palm takes less time and resources than that of types that are intended for outdoor use.

Indoor Palm plants are at home to cultivate plant containers and can (should) be made in the summer outdoors in full sun. Develop out there better than indoors and in practice can this intense growth in the summer, or a space problem in moving to run inside.

Winter-hardy species can stay outside year-round (up to certain temperatures), but they need a special winter protection. This differs from species to species.

Note: Some Palm trees giving flowers and can pose a problem for allergy sufferers!

Suitable trees for the home and garden design

Bright living room with palms

There are over 2000 different species of Palm trees and more than 160 of them are Hardy. A relatively small list is used in the interior design. The toughest room palms are date palm, coconut palm, Schusterpalme, Yatai Palm and fire Palm. The hardiest Palm trees, which are a used most in the garden area, are blue Hesperides Palmetto, jelly Palm, needle Palm, honey Palm and Palm.

Criteria for the selection of suitable rooms Palm

First, the selection of suitable rooms Palm should meet the following criteria:

She can endure at home the lowest temperature in winter;
The air humidity must be high enough for them;
The Palm would have to get enough sun.

For example, the fire Palm tree needs very little direct light, but the coconut palm tree of which requires at least 12 hours per day and cannot survive at a temperature below 18 degrees.

After you have narrowed down the selection according to these criteria, we continue with the Innendesignfragen.

Design trends and palm trees

zimmerpalmen of living room furniture houseplants

Practically all styles allow the use of potted Palm. They are to consider in this case as a part of the interior design and must write a so stylistically, the form and color in the Interior.

Basically, pinnate palms (with pinnate-shaped leaves) seem modern and fan sites (with palmately divided leaves) – rather classic, for it but more alive and more richly. However, this may vary depending on the usage.

For example, the coconut palm has a very decorative, sculptural vision. It fits super exotic styles, such as the Asian, but also to minimalist design concepts. In the first case ensures they can for a more authentic look and the second making a statement and fill the space visually.

For a unified look, insert the potted Palm in premises with their lines and patterns they correspond to good or perfect fit.

The potted Palm can of course also serve as colorful accents. Green is also popular in the interior design and has many different variations. Depending on what rooms Palm type you select, you can pick one up on this and emphasize in your interior.

The palm flowers of some species are also entitled to decorative and Christmas, these plants within a minimalist apartment can replace the Christmas tree.

The individual selection is possible

Even beginner in indoor plants care can find a dream Palm for the interior design of their own, if they meet the essential criteria in mind. Produce a list of practical and aesthetic bullet points and make no compromises! The market offers a wide range and any reputable professional seller can offer a lot to choose from. We wish you more summer mood and joy with the indoor Palm plants ideal for at home.