Decorating Tips – What Are The Trends Revived, 2017

Classic interior design trends that are taken from the past to the future

Are you a fan of the classic Interior and want to work at the same time not boring, should pay particular attention to this article. Because we tell you what traditional design 2017 resume solutions. Of course, you get to parallel some tips, like you in a modern context correctly, insert.

Terracotta – a trend from the 80-ies

decorating tips terakotta floor design

In recent years, our interior design was dominated by white shades. That is already bored and was looking for another just as discreet and stylish ways. For this reason, it resumed the floor design in terracotta. The material can be used also in other places in the Interior.

The trend comes from the 80-IES, but was used mainly for the edge tile terracotta. You will still has dressed like fireplaces around. You can now use the terracotta tiles on all floors or for the design of accent walls completely.

Decorating tips – Cork

decorating tips ideas design

Also the Cork is experiencing his comeback. Environmentally friendly and very practical, he brings the desired heat insulation and closeness to nature – two main priorities of the current interior design. At the moment. It is used to accent walls, but maybe we are witnessing the continuous surface design using this material soon.

Dark green is classic, but modern

decorating tips Green Wall decoration

Dark green is not only back in the interior design, but it is becoming an absolute must-have. He revived the Northern designs beautifully and is wonderful with brown leather, reindeer fur, brass accessories and natural linen combined.

It is often found on textiles on chairs, sofas and other seating, this is a central piece in the Interior and exterior design.

Padded headboards for bed

geposltert of bedroom of part of Betfair design

The beds are subjected to 2017 dramatic renovations in the coming year. These include among others the padded headboards. They are back again, to replace the wood trusses dominates the market.

We speak mainly of the very luxurious variants. You are no longer a priority of luxury hotels and apartments, but occur even in very common design concepts. Just use the colors of your style in the sense of a uniform appearance.

Decorating tips – escapism

Decorating tips design ideas facilities

A home with lots of niche and other places where you can withdraw, proved a dream for many people. It wants to pull back occasionally even by the most popular to bring order to own inside.  But not only that. You can enjoy the hidden corners and surfaces like with a magazine or a book, shielded from the broadcast of all the technology that dominates our home already.

Jewels nuances

trendy living room decorating tips ideas

Light and glass are missing in our everyday and that’s why they are integrated always more diligently in the interior design. You know many methods to do so from our articles, for example the wide window and the mirror surface. The integration of light takes place but more often on a subconscious level through the distribution of its symbols. With glass and light, we connect for example the gems and it is no surprise that the nuances of the jewels belong to 2017 resumed trends in this sense at all.

Decorating tips – flooring design in terracotta

home ideas decorating tips living room design

Select the carpet appropriate to the terracotta floor

living room of decorating tips trends ideas

In the bedroom design you could use terracotta

terakotta ideas decorating tips room

Decorating tips – Cork walls bring us the desired thermal insulation

decorating tips home ideas bathroom Cork

An accent in dark green are sufficient to create a lively and natural atmosphere

Interior design ideas tips trends living room

Decorating tips – a modern dining room in dark green

decorating tips trends living room design

Beat upholstered headboard in dark green – two birds with one stone!

dark green bedroom design

Different variants and choice are available

decorating tips ideas bedroom

Decorating tips – jewel shades create an artistic atmosphere

Interior design ideas tips colorful design

If it would be too corny for you, you could then use this motif only when the cushions

Decorating tips ideas design trends