Decorating Tips And Trends In 2017, On Which You Should Better Avoid

Rather give solutions on the following design in the coming year 2017

How is each year trying to bring us something new, such as the upcoming 2017. For the design trends, this means that from occur tendencies which harmonise our home with this energy can be. In addition, many updated design are solutions that are considered classics in the Interior.

The all together results in a wide range and allows every home owner 2017 again to express their preferences through the establishment of the House. But that doesn’t mean that everything is allowed. Popular classic design solutions 2017 actually no longer apply. We come now to speak on this.

Avoid decorating tips – copper

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Experts are almost exclusively agreed that copper and pink gold, as well as other similar shades 2017 have no place under the design trends. It again wide application can be found in the out years is just as safe. But 2017 is the year of transparency, the nuances of the northern sky, ice and light beams.

We view this as a welcome break from the golden glow.

Abstain from marble is one of the decorating tips 2017

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You find something surprising, the renunciation of marble especially since he corresponds perfectly with these shades. But this material lacks transparency.  Also, we need a little break away just because he experienced as a high point of his popularity in recent years. He makes for the rough, earthy textures like clay and basket plaiting course.

Works of art with quotes

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After long years of greatest priority consumers withdraw something from acquiring works of art with quotes. Perhaps it is that these have to do with artificial “positive thinking”, is already strong doubt on its usefulness in society.

Open floor plan

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Don’t worry: You must now build to not your open floor plan. It rather comes to look for other ways.  We sacrificed too much of our privacy for the benefit of the broad phenomenon. But they slowly realized this can be also very uncomfortable.

You feel so in their open living plan? Maybe you could fragment it something with room dividers or curtains. This is a welcome change, a good attempt to live differently once home. After this, you will enjoy the open living plan, again great.

Decorating tips – subway tile

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To be honest, we look at this point not for unfashionable, but for something critical. Some critics hold solution for inappropriate 2017 this design and others are exactly the other opinion? What is true? It is probably in a sense geographically. In some countries, this trend came later and in others, one would need a break of it.

In this, as in all other points you should fully rely on your gut feeling. If one or more of these solutions are available in your home, you must not completely hide them or replace to work currently. It is enough to push it slightly into the background in favour of current trends or to conceal their effect something. Consider this a possibility for transformation and thus – for a change.

Decorating tips – avoid the marble as an element in your home

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Take a break from the golden glow

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Decorating tips – Chavron pattern let prefer for its comeback in a few years

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Seek alternatives to cut off the open plan living room

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The combining of various metals is fully announced this year

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Avoid the too-colorful apartment design

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Try your apartment according to the annual trends to establish

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